Herndon, Virginia

We decided to buy new furnisher for the house. We bought a new dining room and Living room set.

The sofa and recliner was thousand dollars (999.99) the CSR kept pushing the extended warranty. I was not interested but my husband decided to. We were so excited as they explained, Everything would be there and delivered to our home in a week.... one month later it arrived.

After three months the leather started 'peeling' off the middle section of the sofa.

We had remodeled the house, friends wanted to see the improvements. It was embarrassing!

We called Bobs Discount.. they referred us to the warranty company..then they referred to the extended

warranty. I spent hours with everyone no one wanted to replace a 3 month old sofa. AWE!! Months calling..no joke..seriously. I was even told, "Well we will not replace it without a rip!!!" My friends . , "Rip it!!!" I could not do that. Finally it snagged *** When I called they sent a man to my house. Yes!!! He explained how several customers complained over the same problem. They had replaced the damaged area with another part but now the company has closed...there is NO more parts.

I explained it was not my problem. Yes it was because they did NOTHING!!!

I bought a new couch and put the seven month couch (700.00) in the basement covered up. Two years later I sold it for 20.00... I couldn't even sell it for fifty dollars because of the rip in the center set. LOL

Imagine that!!! I understood completely!

Never buy a thing from Bob's Discount Furnish er Store Clark's Pond in South Portland, Maine.

Oh when I told them I was going to their store with pictures of the damages on the couch and paperwork. The woman explained to me, If I did that they would call the police." Seriously the police over customer complaint. She explained it would cause an disturbance. I will never shop with them or any five & dime furnisher store again. I will shop at better quality even if I have to pay more.

Oh... the replacement couch is still in mint condition. It cost 300.00 less. Thank you for this site. :)


Cynthia N.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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wow I was so close to pushing that buy button on a new livingroom set and dining room set from there.Thank you for this I will not be purchasing anything.

Thanks for saving me from stress I do not need

Bob Cares


I'm sorry to hear about the issue with your sofa. We would like to ensure that this does not happen to any of our future customers.

If you would like to contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com with your order information I would love to take a look into this. Thanks, Eric