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I recently purchased a couch from Bobs Discount furniture, my first mistake. I also purchased their Goof proof warranty, 2nd mistake.

I noticed the arm of the couch was collapsing and called Bobs customer care.

A repairman was sent to my home and advised that there was a knot in the wood that caused this and the couch needed to be replaced. I was told I would hear back from them the next day regarding replacement. After a week I called to get a status and was told that the report stated this is not a manufacturers defect and nothing could be done.

This is clearly their way of not honoring a warranty. I was also advised that the goof proof warranty does not take effect until the year manufacturers warranty is up, which is not being honored on a 4 monthg old couch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I brought a couch from bob furniture and the strings started to come out the cushion fabric. So I had the good proof they sent a guy to my house to look at it..

Why the guy sat on my couch and started to watch the maury show and then told me call the number so they can send me another cushion fabric and I had to pay for it.

Mind you the first week I had damage to my couch and the replace it with a refurbished one.Bob do not keep his word . I think he buys reject stuff.


We bought a living room set 3 years ago along with the Goof Proof Warrant. They came within a year to replace the arms on the sofa and chair as it ripped.

We were told it was the manufacturers fault. It happened again but because it's 3 years later the warranty ran out. We're told the goof proof warranty doesn't apply. To add further insult, they stopped doing business with this manufacturer and couldn't fix it anyway.

So they sell an extended warranty and stop doing business with the maker so nothing can be done to fix it. I will NEVER by so much as a lampshade at this store again!!!!

Bob Cares

I would be happy to look into getting these issues resolved for the both of you. If you'd contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.


I have been being lied to and sent in circles by bobs and guardsman. This is a scam.

1) I hear a rip in recliner, so i look and find one under leg rest.

2) I immediately called guardsman.

3) They say they are going to send me a claims form.

4) Almost two weeks later I receive the form. I also noticed on the form it said that not including all info requested could void the claim.

5) I called guardsman and worked with the person on the line to make sure the claim was in fact complete and included everything they needed. Then mailed it out.

6) After not getting a response for over a week, I got frustrated and called guardsman.

7) Guardsman stated they didn't call me back because the want a picture. They never bothered to call me and tell me, they just wanted it. I don't own a camera so this was not possible.

8) I called bobs this time, THEY AGREED THAT GUARDSMAN FAILS, said not to worry they were going to send someone over to fix it.

9) The tech came here, looked at it , took a picture, said it can't be fixed because of where the tear was and this will be replaced.

10) Over one week goes by and no word from anyone so I call bobs back. The tech told me that I had to call guardsman back. I told the tech I didn't want to deal with them anymore please make the call. After the tech talked with her manager I was told to call guardsman they would have access to the picture now and would help me out. She said that she was sure I would get results this time.

11) Call back to guardsman, tech tells me same story, they need a picture and don't have the one bobs took. So they won't help me.

I'm thinking we need to get together and put a layer on this subject. I also live by the store and will be making daily visits for awhile to let consumers know bob is a thief. I will be posting all everywhere about this, Bob this is one chair you just should have replaced.

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