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I furnished 5 rooms with Bob's lousy and cheap furniture on 2009, made the biggest mistake of purchasing the 5 year warranty and the few times I have made a claim they manage to find an excuse as to why they can't pay!! And this is after you spend at least 2hours between waiting time and holding time on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT BUY FURNITURE AT BOB'S CHEAP FURNITURE AND MUCH LESS THE GUARDSMAN PLAN- BEWARE....ITS A STEAL, AND THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. It's better to pay a little more then to deal with this insconsiderate retailer

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Have guardsman plan have problem with sofa and recliner contacted them via phone on hold for 90 minutes. when rep came on they put me on hold, lo and behold I got disconnected.

After I called back and after another wait of 30 minutes I finally spoke to a rep. I explained all the problems and was advised they would e-mail me the forms. I asked can I e-mail them back, she said no must go US mail. I sent them back the next day.

after 15 days I received a call. when the rep and I talked about the problems she advised me that the recliner would be looked at but the sofa would not be covered because I did not contact them within 10 days of the problem. Come on I was off by a few days. I could have lied and said a different date but being an honest person I did not.

I then tried to explain to her that my wife is seriously ill and sees many doctors this is one of the reasons I did not contact guardsman right away. The rep said ahe could do nothing because I missed the deadline. I guess they do not care about the consumer. Take the money and run.

Not very good PR for Bobs. I will never use Bobs again.

Bob Cares

Hi Debster1921,

We never like to hear about a negative experience with our company. I'd certainly like to make this right for you.

Please contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com with your order information so that I may access your account. Thanks, Eric