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Bobs customer care is trained to blow you off, frustate you until you become fed up and stop calling them because you know you will not get any assistance from them. Bobs is happy to take your money.

I recently went to the store in Worcesteer, MA to make a purchase. I was told if I filled out an application for their Bobs Furniture credit card I would be able to finance my purchase with 0% interest for 12 months. Good deal. Well, my application was denied-please do not stop reading --if you do --then you are treating me just like Bobs customer service did after I explained my credit application was denied.

Once you have been denied you are not worth their time. Although, I made the purchase and they were happy and eager to take my check. I am somewhat obsessed with my credit rating and I am vigilant to protect my identity. I was embarassed by this rejection.

Even more I lost sleep worrying what happened, was my identity stolen, did something happen I was not aware of. I called all 3 credit agencys and received a report from each. Checked each credit card I own and their company report on my credit . I went to my bank and reviewed every account I own with the bank.

Every one I contacted was happy to help and professional. After checking every credit report I was relieved to find out that everything was as I expected. My credit is rated as 'excellent' but did drop slightly after the rejection. Because the rejection lowered my score slightly I was really concerned why I was rejected.

I called the store and asked for help-they told me I needed to contact Wells Fargo. The telephone number I recieved was absolutley useless. I contacted Bobs customer care 3xs. The treatment I received from them demonstrated to me they received excellent training on how to deflect responsibility and frustrate you until you come to the realization that calling Bobs customer care is a waste of time.

I had to explain to every Bobs employee I spoke with that I filled out a Bobs Furniture Credit Card application and not a Wells Fargo credit card application. Bobs had a great opportunity to demonstrate they care about the customer but they worked very ahrd to frustrate me to the point where I realized it was a total waste of my time to call them. Now, after reading other posts about the awful service people have received when they asked the goof proof people for help to repair damages I am nervous-I too bought the goof proof insurance and I feel like an *** that I wasted my money again.

Well, I will never buy from Bobs again. I will share the facts of my experience with Bobs with anyone thinking about buying furniture.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Yup, I got denied too with good credit. I guess I make too much and have good credit.

They want crap credit so they can get you with high interest and want people that won’t make payments on time so they can get late charges I get. What a joke and bad business!


Did you find out why you were declined the credit?

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