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I had made the mistake in buying furniture from Bobs Furniture. I had ordered a complete dining package, and a complete living room set w/2 end tables and a coffee table, (all glass)and a childs complete bedroom took about a month to receive the delivery and when the truck came for the 1st time, they had a love seat and 2 coffee table bottoms and that's it.

This was on a Friday and I had a party going to happen at my house that Sunday with about 60 people. NO after all day of speaking with the store and the wharehouse, this was my out come..The delivery driver took back what he had, i waited another week to get the next delivery which they brought the living room and the dining room sets, NO BEDROOM now back on the phone with sales person and wharehouse only to find out the bedroom set was on back order for another month but yet they fail to tell you that up front, charge you a bloody fortune for *** *** delivery service and will do nothing for you for all your inconviences. The people are rude, in the stores and at the wharehouses. If you call and they say they will call you back, don't hold your breath because you will never ever get a call back.

Well BOB your service sucks and be sure I will never ever buy another thing from you and I will make sure that everyone I come in contact with knows.

well lesson learned the hard way. lmunroe

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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;cry NEVER BY FROM BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE!!!! I bought a sofa and loveseat from them on July 19th, it takes 6-8 weeks to come in because of course I needed a color that was not in stock. They schedule my delivery and the day before tell me that have to cancel the delivery becasue the sofa has been damaged. Upset but understanding they reorder it. they tell me they will rush it, which does not happen.

I have to track down the order myself, set it up for delivery for 10/30. Only the loveseat and end tables are delivered. OK, after I have now thrown away my two couches I need this couch so they are suppose to deliver it today. They confirm delivery two days ago, it is on the computer screen to be delivered at 12:11pm.

At 2pm I become concerned. After over a half hour on hold, they tell me due to human error it did not make it on the truck. No one bothered to call me to let me know so I did not waste my day waiting. THEY CAN TAKE THEIR MERCHANDISE BACK I WILL NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN

I am off to Cardi's to by from a company who understands what customer service means!!!!


:cry :cry :cry :? :( 8) :cry