South Attleboro, Massachusetts

Is it just me and my imagine the bob spends to much time on his commercials making promises he can't live up to, after reading the shocking stories and from my own unfortunate and ongoing problem going one hundred and eighteen days and counting. I think he should get off his high horse, or should I say mattress, and start paying attention an actually read customers comments to improve his business, I visited ***'S, sorry, it's beginning to be a habit.

For what I thought would be a simple purchase of a electric recliner for an elderly relative, found a nice recliner, not too big and being and being it was for an elderly person, I didn't really think the "behind the fabric "inexpensive quality" would be an issue,

The salesman proccessed the order and called a supervisor over to "ok" the sale. The supervisor told me ***'S furniture puts a ten day. "Ten days. Are you delariess ***?"hold on any personal check from a credit union, but if it were a personal check from a bank, it would be processed right, "hey ***, what century is this?

So at their suggestion (either cash or bank check) so I went to pawt credit union and purchased a BANK CHECK payable to bob's discount furniture and returned with the bank check for 517.92 and a delivery for the following Tuesday. The girl at the counter took my "OFFICIAL CHECK" and then informed me this recliner is "OUT OF STOCK" with a "SEVEN WEEK DELIVERY DATE" WOW, ***!!! Now your tying up my money and, my time and now I have to wait seven week week wait, seven weeks later, still out of stock. Then I visited the store n the 5th of sept and the recliner was finally in stock.

I the sales person was doing up the order, Jeff one of three managers at ***'s asked "how you doing" and explained my aggravation about my experience with ***'s. And he said "I'm sorry about that" (liked your trained to do) and hoped I will continue to do business with ***'s stores in the future, yea, right, you sold, or should I say "attempted to sell and give me a three day delivery on a recliner that was not in stock and not expected for seven weeks. Then went to the counter an paid for the recliner with aBANK CHECK, great the day finally came!! Or so I thought, I should have known " I'm dealing with ***'S furniture"!!!

We'll Jeff (dealing with him, I swear he must be related to ***) and informed me that "there will be a ten day hold on the "OFFICIAL BANK CHECK" because it was from Pawtucket Credit Union "are you delirious, I bought a bank check *** requested, and now your still going to bust my B_lls!!!! So I then cancelled my order and asked Jeff to return my bank check (still in his hand) and "HE REFUSED" !!!!!' Telling me my order was already in the system and would receive my refund in the

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $520.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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