South Bend, Indiana
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On last wednesday, we were scheduled to receive two items. We were told that two days prior to delivery we would receive a call to confirm. However, we never received a call - so the next day we called their customer service. They said the deleivery was still scheduled and confirmed us a 3 hour window of delivery. When the driver arrived, they only had one of the items ordered!!!!

A call to customer service again resulted in a "i'm sorry" and we will deliver it next wednesday. I informed the customer service rep that we would only be before 10am or after 3pm, due to a doc appointment the same day. She said she would make a note to have us placed early or late in the day for delivery and that they would call two days before. Of course, on monday as one might expect - no call. And continuing their lack of performance - a driver shows up at 11am and calls me to let me know that they are in front of my house and that they had received no such information about our absense.

This results in another call to customer service. After the anticipated "I'm sorry" and "we dont guarantee times" and "its beyond our control" customer service speak; I am transfered to the most rude, least helpful person on this planet!!! Her name was Sarah H. If you get this lady you are lost for help. And if you are a hiring manager and receive a resume from Sarah H working at Bob's in Dec. 2011, DO NOT HIRE HER. She will hurt your businesss.

Based on her lack of customer service, Bob's continual screw ups, and their general lack of concern for customers after they have your money - I have issued a stop payment on my card for this purchase. They are welcome to come get their furniture at anytime. - so long as it fits my schedule.

I will gladly spend a little more to support a company that believes in true customer service and follows thru on their commitments.


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Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted this petty whiny bs.