Worcester, Massachusetts

My husband bought a recliner chair for me for christmas, the lever on the chair was broken so we wrapped it up in plastic and put it into the box it came in and when we went to return it they would not take it back because it had been over 2 days after much argueing on the phone with some *** from what I assumed was their main office they still would not give us our money back.We ended up getting a store credit.Never go there, junk furniture, no customer service,terrible policys.I feel so ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

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I also bought a sofa that is bonded leather, which after one year started to peel. We contacted the store and they sent a technician who said it's not covered under warranty.

Then I contacted goof proof which is a joke they said body oil caused the 'leather' to bubble so it's not covered. Also the couch was delivered almost 2 weeks late as well.DO NOT waste your time or money on this JUNK!!

Bob Cares


We'd like to make this right for you. Please contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com with your order information so that I may access your account. Thanks, Eric

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