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I bought a bedroom set and had to wait 1 month because every piece is in stock except the mirror? U would think they would have as much mirrors as dressers but fine.

I specify my condo only allows furniture deliveries during business hours mon-fri and their "state of the art" delivery system schedules me for a Saturday at 8am. I called to tell them it has to be mon-fri so the agent cancels my delivery. Whe she cancels delivery, the furniture set that was held in my name went back into inventory and got assigned to the next buyer waiting for the same set. Now I'm told I won't get delivery for another month!

*** unbelievable these *** *** and their *** delivery system.

Bob and all his idiots should be shot. My GF works for a tv station and we will be sending camera crew to the store I made my purchase and make these *** look *** on tv.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $999.

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I'm at bobs as we speak bc the same exact thing happened to me. I purchased the balboa set had then confirm it only to show up without a headboard tell them to come back fri they show up again that night due to "miscommunication".

Now friday they show up and and there is no dresser or mirror only to be told its back ordered til november!! I am in process of canceling and would love to join you in your pursuit of this matter. The customer service is atrocious and not one person could give me a straight answer or help. They could care less about my business and were only to happy to help me cancel.

Funny, as I try to cancel, I see another gentleman going off about the exact same thing and canceling as well.

So I guess bob doesn't care he just lost 2 accounts within an hour. Please keep us updated!!