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Approximately 4 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I ordered 7000$ worth of furniture from Bobs to complete a living room, dining room and bedroom sets. We were told by our associate, Robin, that our couch was special order and would be delivered in 6-8 weeks (arriving just prior to Christmas).

The rest of our furniture was delivered on time and in excellent condition. We called today (now 4 weeks in) to ask the status of the couch, and are being told Feb as "special orders" always take 12-16 weeks.

We called the company as to inquire the reason (i.e damage to warehouse from storm, etc) and they told us that is simply the protocol, if we wanted to cancel our order they would do it without penalty to us. I plan to call tomorrow to speak with her manager to find out why they are lying about the time frame....because when I cancel that shortly after speaking to them, she's going to lose a fair amount of commission.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Manager.

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Bob Cares

I'd be happy to see if we can speed up this process for you. Please email me with your contact info at BobCares@MyBobs.com and we'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric.

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