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Almost two months ago, a Bob's Furniture truck hit and ran my brand new car, parked on my driveway. I have the whole thing on video.

I put it up on YouTube for proof, because Bob's was trying to give me the run around. I was asked, if they pay for the damage, will I take the video down, no I will not. I'm still waiting on my deductible, and the situation is ridiculous. I don't go into their store and rob them, so they should not be robbing me.

If i owed them money, they would put me in collections. Where is my deductible?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Vehicle Driver.

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I got my deductible back today. It cost me a lot of stress and aggravation.

I had to put up a good fight, but perseverance and a big mouth, helps out sometimes. Thankfully I had it on video, or this company would had gotten away with it. Keep fighting for what is right. Karma comes back.

Don't let people take advantage of you, especially million dollar corporations. They have the money to pay for their damages.


Still no deductible or payment to my insurance company. Trying to lapse the time frame. They are so shady


No resolved issue yet. However; I was notified that I will receive my deductible back, within six months to a year.

This process is disgraceful. Hit and run, then wait forever for your money.

Nice. Happy holidays

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