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We bought a living room set from Bobs in late 2012, we had a newborn and a puppy and the salesman pushed the bobs goof proof saying it covers any damage the kids or dog could do plus it covers all damages from rips, tears, stains etc so after being told and reassured by our salesman that goof proof covers everything that could happen to the furniture we fell into the trap that unfortunately thousands of others have fallen into and bought the goof proof protection for $150.00 on top of the almost $2000 we spent for the furniture.

Now here we are 2 years later and our baby is a toddler and started preschool so we at first locked our dog up while we weren't home but after a few weeks we tried to leave him out only to find that he sat on the back of the couch and scratched 2 holes into the couch so we immediately contacted bobs goof proof and finally after almost 2 weeks we got in to touch with someone who told us that the damage isn't covered even though it was an accident because pet damage coverage only covers vomit, urine and *** exclusively. she then went on to tell me that it wouldn't be covered at all because leather is tough and hard to put rips in and any damage would have to be purposely done, I laughed as I thought she was kidding but no she was serious. So serious in fact that she then told me because I tried to initiate a claim that this piece of furniture was basically not covered from any future claims unless we had this damage repaired ourselves out of our pocket. when we pushed them on this and asked what the insurance covers if apparently any damage to leather furniture they view as purposely done we were told the brochure stats whats covered and not covered which it most certainly doesn't, We then asked to speak to a supervisor and were told we couldn't!!! lol what reputable business tells you that you cant speak to a supervisor? she then told us that a supervisor wouldn't tell us anything different then she just did so there's no need, I said that's great but I still want to speak to a supervisor to which she hung up on me which was either a dropped call or her way of telling me again that I cant talk to a supervisor. after a few more calls and getting the same run around we decided to try a different path.

We called Bobs directly and told them what we experienced and how we were told numerous times by the salesman that this type of damage was covered and how dissatisfied we were with not only the way the plan was explained but also what it covers or should I say what it doesn't cover. I was told they would file a formal complaint against the salesman but after searching the internet and reading complaints from other disgruntled customers it seems Bobs pushes there goof proof using the same wording to everyone which is a corporate issue and not a sales-mans oversell and we want this issue resolved. I stated that we were mislead as to what the insurance really covered and want the couch repaired or replaced or we would seek an attorney and get the fraud teams of the local news involved because this seems to be a systemic issue and thousands of other people where fraudulently sold the same misleading plan to which she said, "Go ahead i'm at the corporate level it wont effect me. This is the type of business Bobs not only runs but associates with, Completely unacceptable!!

Reason of review: Dispicable customer service, fraudulent statements to name a few.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: I want my couch repaired or replaced .

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Being lied to, Mislead.

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The Goof Proof Plan appears to be a truly a scam. I was also suckered.

The salesperson told me the same thing, the Goof Proof Plan covers everything! She went out of her way to emphasize 'everything'! And, repeated if anything happens to your furniture just call. My pet scratched the side of our leather sofa.

Our sofa was less than a month old at the time. No problem I thought, I'll just call Bob's. The salesperson said just make sure you call promptly. And, we did.

What a Joke! The pet scratch is not covered. But, They said if I scratched it, they said they would cover it. I think they have a 'cheat sheet' to cover every possible way to reject your claim.

I just moved, and had planned to do a lot more shopping at Bob's.

I am taking my business somewhere else. I was robbed, and the thief was not wearing a hoody!!!!

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