Poughkeepsie, New York
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I purchased a recliner chair last Nov 2015 with nice soft cushions and what they called "wood" arms. After 3 months of hardly any use, the paint off the wood arms started peeling off . In addition, the sharp staples that hold the back pillows to the frame started coming through the fabric almost stabbing the back of my neck .I called Bobs and the b.s. goof proof plan is a real scam but they sent a guy over who looked at it and said that I caused the problem. Really??? I said this is a manufacturing defect and he said he could re paint the arms and re stable the back pillows again to the frame! He told me to file a claim with Guardian (another scam) .Guardian told me they just cover accidents (like if the chair falls on me or collapses while im on it) Its awful. I'm stuck with a goof proof plan that cant be used and this guy Bob spends all his money on his advertising with the blonde flunky rather than buying quality furniture to sell his customers. AVOID THIS SCAMMING FRONT OF A BUSINESS CALLED "FURNITURE" STORE.

Garbage. Bod Kaufman: you should be shut down selling your elmers glue *** cardboard called furniture. Big queen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bixby 3 Position Recliner.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Crappy appeal, Price.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Managers response to my concern.

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