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so in 2010 my mother-in-law went to bobs she bought two love seats that the pillows are getting flat the arm rests are wearing away and the seams are pulling apart...she bout two mattress that are *** the middle of my queen is dipping so icannot sleep on it it destroyed my back....a kitchen table that the screws are falling out of the chairs....dresser that the draws are hard to pull out and the knobs have falling off i mean she put out a bit of money on this *** and on top of it she bought goof proof bs that dosnt cover anything she paid an extra 299.99 for so we have been calling techs and they finally came out he looked at everything didnt do *** then says someone will contact you no one did so we call them and the lady said your warranty is up wait a min she purchased 4/29/10 its now 10/20/14 is that 5 years ummm no then she says the mattress is stained it voids warranty wait we purchased the mattress protector that is $70 that was supposed to protect it and if not its supposed to be covered under warranty so wtf so she pretty much said sorry your beat....i would love to sue the *** out of these ppl just because my mother-in-law is now deceased and all she wanted before she was gone was to have her $4000.00 in furniture fixed and now she will never get to see it done awesome anyone lawyers willing to help me or anyone elsethat would like to get together for a class action suit contact me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Reason of review: all the furniture is garbage and goof proof is a rip off.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Your emotions are understandable, but it might be best to cut your losses and let it go. $4000 is a lot when you don't have much money, but...

she got TWO loveseats, kitchen table and chairs, a dresser, and TWO mattresses for 4k?? It was cheap discount furniture that isn't worth the time or money of "fixing."