Jackson, New Jersey
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My Fiance and I bought a couch at Bobs furniture store. A week later my Fiance realized he was getting bites on his anckles and arms we could not figure out where were he was getting these bites from sure enough we had an exterminator come in and check out our place and sure enough he lifted the couch and there was eggs all under the couch he said they were fleas .

We called Bobs costomer service and they dont care at all they will not take the couch back and we also paid for goof proof which is soppose to cover damges but not only that we didnt even have the couch for a month and it says it on our receit that within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy they will refund the money .

They are all liars i cant beleive they would treat their costumers like this and steal money from them Bobs Furniture and now we have to get stuck with a new couch with bugs this is not fair . DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT STORE .

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Sofa.

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Bob Cares

We take these types of complaints very seriously. Please send an email to BobCares@mybobs.com with your order info and we'll be sure to reach out ASAP..Thanks, Eric