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In the first period of 2007, we spent almost $5000 dollars at bobs. We purchased a living room set and a bedroom set, and paid for delivery and the "Goof" warranty.

The delivery company no call no show 2x before delivering. then when they did come, the dresser was scratched, and other dings and knicks in the bedroom set. They said bc the warranty they would send a repair tech for free.

no one called us. about 60 days after delivery, the couch broke and we hit the floor (LOL- really). We called repair.

(The frame was held to the sub frame in the center under the cushion in the center, by 1 piece of particale board, that was 2 inches long, 1/4 inch thick, 1 inch wide. this is why it broke...)

They sent a repair tech out who did not speak english or spanish. He had no idea why he was at my home, or what to do. he stunk like onion bagel and caribean sweat. no, im not kidding. they took a hatian guy off blue hill ave in boston who was a crack addict, gave him a screwdriver, and dropped him off at my house.

I helped him take apart the couch, i showed him what was wrong. I reconnected the sub frame and hooked the springs back into the couch. He nailed the sub frame to the frame. then he left. my house stunk liike sweaty crack addict. He actually want ed to stay and watch my flatscreen, i had to shut it off to get him to keep working.

We sat on the couch afterwards and nails stuck up and poked us in the side. the wood and nails scraped my hardwood floors. (Permenant damage) and the couch sank in the middle it never was comfortable again.

we called repair about the drawers that wouldnt run the track right in the dresser, the couch that creaked and cracked when sat on, scraped the floors, poked us with nails, sunk when sat on, and the people who awnsered didnt "understand the problem" and would not send someone back out.

I threw it out, it wasnt even 6 months old. I would never buy from bobs again. their prices are cheap bc there is no quality.

Just fyi- I was in the army, ive earned everything i have ever had. My word is who i am. Their customer service, repair, and delivery are all the worst i have ever dealt with anywhere, and, the furniture quality is also god awful. dont waste your money.

Spend the extra buck and go to bernie and phyls (they had a clearance section) we got a $1200 dollar certa sealy w/box spring for $440. we got a $1100 love seat leather recliner for $400. and im sitting on it as i type, relaxing, 5 months later....

(jordans and lazyboy are both heavily overpriced fyi)

Good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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No need to say anything about the nationality of the repair guy


Ihavnt brought anything from bobs but I seen my friends furniture and it's nice I plan on purchasing the same set these stories are unlikely they can't be true they sound fake who lets lets some driver leave with there front door lol wow that *** is a joke.


I know what you mean. I ordered some bedroom furniture for my children for christmas and the bed broke two months later on a wood bumpbed.

The suport for the bottom of the bed was these thin peices of ply wood to hold the bed from the floor. Not good Bob!


lose weight you heffa