Norwalk, Connecticut

A few years back I spent $13,000 at ABC Carpet and Home for a kitchen table, chairs and 2 kitchen bar stools. Did I get 3 phone calls prior to delivery?

NO! Did I get a call from the driver 1 hour before the delivery? NO! Did I get a follow up call after the furniture was delivered?

NO! Can you imagine $13,000 and not a call, not even a simple thank you, nothing. Recently I was looking for a specific swivel chair and after looking at every furniture store there it was in Bob's window. While I wasn't spending another $13,000 the sales guy John was amazing.

In fact the day before deliver we wanted to change the color of the 2 chairs,,,and John came through thanking me again for my purchase. Then the robo calls from Bob's began asking: "was the sales guy courteous, polite and was he knowledgeable of the product we were taking about." Then the call confirming the requested delivery date. Then the call confirming the 4 hour window. Then the call from the driver.

And talk about courteous, wow aren't drivers supposed to be nasty...this guy was a gem. He even took his shoes off as I just had my floors refinished. The day after delivery another call to confirm that I was thrilled with the product, the delivery driver and the entire transaction. Unquestionably this is the ultimate in consumer service...

Bob you get 10 stars.

What customer service, possible you can show ABC Carpet and Home how it's done. I only hope the chairs are as stellar as Bob's.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Bobs Discount Furniture Pros: Salesman john and everyone at bob, How i was treated.

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