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Bob's removed front door and put back up uneven. You now have to Lift heavy metal door and pull it to close. The hinges are totally messed up. The customer is mid-80 yrs. old. Can you imagine how heavy it is to lift for customer!

They ripped leather furniture and pillows upon delivery.

Bob’s was notified right away of what they did. They said they would come back to reclaim. Meanwhile, customer went back to store and picked out another set. They told her they would swap, that they didn't want to leave her with nothing to sit on. Bob’s were constantly told that they had broken the door.

After about the second attempt of showing up and them not rectifying the situation, Bob’s said they would send the same delivery person to take the door off that took it off the first time. They asked the customer if she wanted to put in a claim. She said yes. They came. They again said they COULDN'T TAKE THE DOOR OFF! They took it off and broke it the first time! Now they say they are not allowed to take the door off. That this mid-80 yr. old woman has to find someone to take the door off so they can get the furniture!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!

This went on by promising her that someone will come and take the door off!!!. The Managers would tell her this but when the delivery people showed up, they would back up and say they can't take the door off! THE SAME DELIVERY MAN THAT TOOK IT OFF THE FIRST TIME SHOWED UP AND HE EVEN SAID HE COULDN'T TAKE THE DOOR OFF!!! HE WAS THE *** THAT TOOK IT OFF THE FIRST TIME!!!

THE BILL COMES FOR THE FURNITURE THAT THEY DESTROYED BUT WILL NOT TAKE OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! She has to pay. Oh, and by the way the bank is Well's Fargo!! They show up to make the swap with the new furniture. But this furniture they send is ripped - In The Truck - That They Want To Deliver, and again the delivery person says the same thing!

Now the Manager's Say They Will Not Take The Door Off Because There Is A Claim In. That The Customer Has To Have Someone Take The Door Down Because of the Claim!!!


BEWARE, EVERYONE IN THE PROCESS OF BUYING FROM BOB'S, Unprofessionalism, and GREED IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT. Even though their prices are low, they are deceitful and not trustworthy.

Unless you want to be the next entry in the long list of complaints, take your business where the customer is valued. - Good Luck.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Bobs Furniture and Wells Fargo
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