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I received my loveseat duel recliner on Jan 18,2012. About two months ago I was moving my recliner from the wall and the back started to flop back and forth.

The back of the recliner was broken. I checked the other recliner and it was also started to sway just not as much. I called BOBs and today May 8, 2013 the service tech came out and checked the recliner and said it was broken. I kinda knew that.

He said it was not a manufacturer defect so nothing he could do. How the *** do you decide its not a defect when you can't even inspect the frame because it is covered. So they said I should report it to goof proof but I have to know when it broke and how. I have no clue obviously it was damaged when I got it and broke over time and same it happening to the other side.

But the best part of it all was that the service tech asked the lady on the phone to release him cause it was his last stop of the day. He really didn't care about my problem just wanted to get home. What was really outrageous was that he did it from my cell phone instead of waiting until he got in his truck and use his. I will never buy or set foot in bob's again I have told everyone I know about this.

I should have a couch longer than 14 months before it breaks. I have always disappointed in the couch cause it was not as nice or comfortable as the one in the store. The store one was much more plush.

I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and anything else I can do. Said I have bought a used second hand couch that lasted me years with out a problem and oh buy the way my back is now really screwed up THANKS BOB YOU REALLY STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I had the same issue except both mine broke with in 4 months of having this same product now its broken again they have bother been replaced and we are waiting non goof proof. Two weeks later we called wondering why we never received a call back and they told us its our responsibility to follow up if they don't call back. Still waiting....


Well I went to Ashley and bought another couch which is much nicer and less expensive. I am very happy with it.

I tell everyone I know or meet looking for furniture not to go there and my experience. They advertise customer satisfaction guaranteed what a line of bs.

I hope ur problem gets resolved. If it happens again u r entitled to a refund.