Milford, Connecticut

review , I Need to tell all of you about. the to mexs that delivered my bedroom furniture rude and could not understand English .great fun Theresa guy's must bee legal right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whit the *** is wrong with us . we and our fore fathers went to war . and died for a great nation ,that we no longer have . they pop out baby's and get money for each one they have . and ride around in new SUV can you Know after working all my life .Could not get medicaid. great no!!!spits get it all and i mean all right.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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sounds like you are just an angry predjudice person!!! you have issues.

You say you had a problem with Bobs you didn't... you have your own issues.... get over it!!!!If you are going to make a statement or complaint learn how to spell first.

Thanks for making our world a better place..get over yourself!!!

I have bought from Bobs several times never a problem with the delivery.


Learn how to spell 1st grade words then speak of who you do or do not like. Maybe you can not get medicaid because you don't work, meanwhile they do. Have a good day and I hope your children are not as ignorant as you.


i dnt liek mexicans eithar =D


:( :x :?


What's wrong with YOU? You can't spell, can't write out your thoughts with an ounce of clarity, and are a racist piece of *** You should not have dropped out of the 3rd grade. ***.