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I am writing to express my frustration and disappointment in the couch and loveseat I purchased in January 2017. We not only purchased that, we also purchased a dining room buffet that we loved.

I have had no issues with the buffet, but the couch and loveseat are a disgrace. We were told by the first salesman that these faux leather couches hold up and the one we bought was one of the best sellers. With just buying a new house, financially it was practical to buy this type of furniture for our new home so we trusted Bob’s. Two years later it is falling apart.

After a few months we noticed some things were not right with the couch, it was uncomfortable, the recliner parts didn’t close easily, one part of the couch was leaning and cushions were separating already.

While I was still under my 1yr warranty I was told they would come out, so they did and said oh the cushions do this because of how you sit on the couch you shouldn’t sit near the middle, so he put his hand in the back and shifted the pad inside. That was my service. He took a look at the leaning potion of the couch and saw that it wasn’t clipped together in delivery, so he fixed that. That was that.

The recliner parts were hard to get down but he said that was normal.

A few months after our couch was starting to peel near the head of the right top of the couch and on the sides of where the recliners get pushed down. Exactly where I had the issue of them closing that was considered “normal”. I called and they said your one year is up we can’t help you with the peeling, you didn’t purchase the extended warranty and your manufacturing warranty period is over.

Now first of all, regardless if I paid 100’s of dollars for your warranty, your product should not be falling apart in the first year of purchase. It is getting worse as time goes on, the bubbles in the brown vinyl are getting bigger and the tears on the corners are getting worse every time we open them.

I have tried looking for vinyl repair in the color of the couch and I can’t, Bobs stated they don’t sell what I need to match their couches so we can fix it. The loveseat is hard as a rock in the middle and not comfortable at all. We paid $1500 on this set, Bob’s should stand behind their product and either credit me towards a purchase of another better one or issue me a full refund so I can have furniture in my living room. As stated above we just bought this home so financially we do not have the money to buy another set soon, nor should we have to.

If you sell products this quality that will only impact the amount of customers who return to buy again and I have no problem sharing my experience just as many others have on the BBB.

This has been the worst experience for my husband and I because we trusted Bobs for our new home, so this is my last ditch effort to make this right before I go to the BBB and social media with my complaints too. Never in my life have I experienced this, if you sell something, you should stand by it especially so soon after it was purchased, so I am hoping Bobs will make this right for my family right away.

We purchased ours at the Rt 70 Cherry Hill NJ location.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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