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Update by user Jan 20, 2012

Since my original posting, I have been contacted by the social media customer care specialists. Shortly after Christmas, we exchanged emails and phone calls regarding the table issue. I was told there would be nothing possible regarding getting me a new table in time, and I would have to wait until January 14th for the new table to be back in stock. They did however refund the entirety of my delivery costs for their delivery disaster.

At the time of posting the original complaint, I had taken it upon myself to track down the contact information for the VP of Customer Care at Bobs. I sent him a copy of my complaint emails and a summary of the situation and who I had spoken to at the stores/customer service. Almost immediately after speaking to the social media people, I received a call back from the VP and from the corporate offices to directly apologize to to my mother who was very upset over the situation and inform us we would be issued a $200 gift card along with our delivery refund. Though, after reading more of the complaints on this site, I do worry if the gift card might lead to more problems. Whatever we purchase will likely be at another Bobs store and something we can carry out ourselves.

As for the loaner table and the new table? The date is currently January 20th and we still have the loaner table. It is still a bit of an eyesore with its various scratches and scuffs. I called shortly before the 14th to confirm delivery of my new table since no one had bothered to contact me... again. I sent an email to the social media specialist who had been previously assigned to my case, who looked into the matter for me. In his reply, I was informed that my table was STILL NOT IN STOCK and I would have to wait until some time in MARCH for it to be in stock. At that point someone from the store would contact me about scheduling the delivery (if they remember this time).

Not to be rude, but I think I could have built a table myself in the time my family has been waiting. Why bother offering a product for sale if you neither have it available nor have a proper time table for its availability. To top off this mountain of headaches, I noticed the chairs from my new table set to already be up for sale in the E-Pit. Most likely they are being discontinued, so any future need to replace them will likely end in having to find chairs from an alternate collection that match style and finish. Of course that wouldn\'t be an even exchange under the Goof Proof agreement and probably somehow void it... but that is a worry for the future. Right now I just hope we eventually see our new table.

Bobs has done a fair amount to try to resolve this issue, but they still need a lot of work on their business structure to keep things like this from happening. It should have never come to this point.

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2011

I should have learned my lesson after a prior incident with Bob's Discount Furniture, but I gave them a second chance and now I'm paying for it.

My family purchased a dinning room set from Bob's, 8 chairs and a table w/ 2 extension leaves on 12/2/11.

Our sales associate claimed it would ALL be available for delivery 12/20/11. We specifically asked 3 times during the sales process to make sure there were no mistakes. He pointed at the computer screen and said "I assure you, we have the date available". We agreed on prices and purchased the set. Come today, my delivery arrives... 8 chairs with NO table. Our old table was already disassembled and thrown out. Perfect, were I a small child looking for a great game of musical chairs, not so much for someone about to host Christmas dinners for about 30 family members.

The delivery gentleman sympathized and gave me a direct number to the delivery department. They gave an insincere apology and suggested calling the store and speaking to them to see about the possibility of a temporary table being delivered before Christmas. I was transferred to the store and then to a different sales associate. He claimed it would be impossible to even get a temporary table delivered before Christmas and talked to the manager about giving us a floor model until our table could be delivered in January. Apparently do to the nature of Bob's delivery service there are no available trucks to deliver the scratched-up display model to our home. They told us we would have to go to the store in person, have their warehouse people disassemble the table and we would have to load it onto our car (a small four door car) and take it home ourselves. So, apparently we paid $130 in our initial purchase to deliver a temporary, scratched and chipped display model ourselves for 3-4 weeks until our new table could be sent. The whole point of spending extra money on delivery is so we didn't have to lift a heavy table and strap it to the roof of a car.

While we waited on word regarding borrow a truck or van from a friend, we went to the store to speak to the manager. We were immediately pulled aside by a 3rd sales associate who saw we were visibly angered in order to deal with us out of the view of other potential customers/victims. After some insistence, she brought us to the manager's office. Never have I encountered so many people unable to do anything. The manager gives us another fakes apology and goes on a speech about corporate structure and price models and delivery protocols. None of this is fixing our problem. I make a mention of something the 3rd sales associate suggested, having a temporary replacement delivered from the warehouse instead of having to lug home a scratched display model loaner. I had not 1 but 4 different alternate tables in mind that would be suitable temporary tables. Not a single one was available for delivery until after Christmas. In all this, whenever a suggestion like this was made, they would always look to us as if this was somehow acceptable. Christmas Eve is December 24th... not December 27/28th. The manager also informs us that the stores under corporate policy do not deal with compensation. We would have to call customer service and speak to someone about that. His best offer was the display model loaner and having some employees take the leaves out and the legs off. As if that was something to be grateful for at least. After this much inconvenience they expected us to be happy. He even made a point to say if we tied the table to the roof we would have to do that ourselves, as they didn't want to be held liable to the thing falling off or scratching the car (yet they kept assuring us it wouldn't scratch when it came to us doing it ourselves).

As it turned out, the table without leaves or legs was still too heavy to safely secure to the roof. We took the legs and leaves, notifying them we would return in a few hours with a truck borrowed from a friend to load the rest of the table. They didn't even have a bag or anything for the nuts and bolts they had to remove. They did at least find us the assembly wrench that came with it.

Now, at home with half a table and awaiting a friend with a truck to retrieve the rest of it and eventually assemble the thing myself, I call customer service to complain yet again and discuss compensation. I am quickly informed that it is Bob's policy that compensation is not up for discussion until the order is complete. That means I have to wait until mid-January (3-4 weeks) for Bob's to come take away my loaner and give me the brand new table before any discussion can take place. I asked what was to stop Bob's from hoping I forget to call or they deciding to only offer a small domination gift card. The customer service rep assured me that they would keep a record in my order file about the problems and do everything they could to make it up to me. She again insisted (almost in a manner of trying to hush a child) that they could not speak about it until that time. It was like something out of Harry Potter when someone talks about He Who Must Not Be Named. It's the holidays, most businesses look to do everything in their power (even if it means bending rules) to make things up to customers when problems occur this time of year. Goof Proof policies can help when you have scratches or stains but they don't cover delivery screw-ups.

Bob's Discount Furniture is losing a multi-generation family of customers after this disaster.

At this point we may consider returning the loaner early after Christmas and asking for a full-refund (we paid in cash) and taking our business to a store that can get things done and takes care of its customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $1610.

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Same thing here, I ordered online, everything is in stock and then go to schedule delivery with store rep and they state that one piece is on back order for a month as of now. Bob's longtime customer care rep "Alicia" says that BOB'S does not compensate for backorders!!

Well needless to say I guess the customer caring value is non existent.

Why would a customer/consumer purchase from a store who does not have all pieces in stock, when they place their order? First time shopper at Bob's and just from this debacle I don't foresee using them EVER again!


Company is having money problems. Get the refund or there will be no money


I apologize for all of the inconvenience you have experienced. Please contact me at

I would like to determine if there is anything I can do to resolve this prior to the holiday. Thank you, Laura.

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