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I had posted a complaint about Bobs Discount Furniture in Woodbridge NJ. To my suprise I got a phone call from a very nice but also angry Henry asking about my interest in a class action suit against Bobs Furniture especially their $100 goof-Proof Ins that they almost cram down your throat.

I am not an attorney. I am a paralegal but can definately put together a class action suit against both Bobs Furniture and Gaurdsman. If anyone else is interested please contact me via email walstib12@yahoo.com or phone 732-589-4616. From the amount of complaints I see here we have no chance of losing.

It only takes 3people to form a class action. we need not let them continue to rip honest hard working consumers as ourselves ANY LONGER!!


Denise Peretti

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Plz add me to the list court1919@gmail.com....Not only did they screw my order they waited for me to leave that night and dropped off a piece of a couch to my 13 year old son.... This place is a joke...


Please add me to the list!elizamaia68@yahoo.com


Please count us in! Email is pjperkins83@gmail.com


I'm also interested in legal recourse. They do not care about the health risks associated with their poor manufacturing, the warranties are scams.


Yes, i am having the same problem. I would be interested in perusing legally.


I will gladly join they have screwed me since day1 and now they just blow me off all of my furniture was broken in a week n half was put together wrong. my email is ehowardmoore@gmail.com


If this is still happening I'm interested. Spent over $3000 on living room and my couches are peeling.

Bought the good proof and was told it does not cover peeling. Now it's expired by I am so annoyed and get even more annoyed when I see the bobs commercial.

They don't stand behind their merchandise. Triccim@aol.com

Levittown, New York, United States #1247134

Please contact me Debbie I'm pissed w bobs shithole goof proof *** 1-516-633-2471 Greg kramer let's get the class action suit started

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1226175

got problems with Secaucus nj store...

Please email me evalunabravo@hotmaul.com

Rutland, Vermont, United States #1216988

is this still happening? I would like to join.


I was screwed by bobs on 2 of my purchases.

New Jersey (Bobs in Secaucus Nj).

email = malfonso0726@gmail.com


I am interested please email @ henlystyle@msn.com


I'm interested please email defillippoj@gmail.com I bought from from them as well. I am based in Staten island NY


I am interested and I would like to take part of this lawsuit. I live in New Jersey.


They screwed me big time. I will join you.


Hello! I would like to join your class action if this is still on foot.



I just read your post and agree with you 100%. I purchased the so call extended warranty only to find out that they don't cover anything.

They actually referred me back to Bob's customer service as they claimed my furniture issues are manufacturer defects. Contacted Bob's and sure enough my issues are manufacturers defects, but my issues are not covered under the manufacturers warranty anymore.

How conveinent. I'm contacting a lawyer shortly.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #993512

Is this still ongoing? Id like to be involved.


I am a formerd sales rep for Bobs Discount Furniture. I must say if you are into sales that place is a gold mine.

People know that the furniture is *** and buy it any how. Only a few items are of good quality and no thier is no such thing as asain hardwood. They taught us to say that in school. Go to the Yonkers store they have a pit.

The pit is all of the stuff that got broken on the way from the chineese sweat shops when they shipped it. If you dont see it at a reduced price in the pit it might be good. Regardless if you purchace the most expensive piece or the cheapest chances are the delivery team will break it before it reaches your home and you will go through a lot of *** before they send you anoher one. Expect your furniture to look really nice for about 3 years then do like most people and purchace more again.

The prices are that low for a reason and all of sales people are good at what they do. Dont let the nice show rooms fool you.


Dear everyone,

You are right!! The goof is a scam,and the reason I know I worked at Bob's.

It is all profit for the company.The products are all from china, and there is always issues with the products.They do have low price points, but we are supporting that retailer.If customers bought all locally goods,and spent a little more money some where else, then they would belly-up!!!The goof is all bull-***, trust me on that.The customer needs tons of paper work to support their claim.Who has time for that ***!They are the walmart of home goods, and beds.Spend your money somewhere else. I left the company because i was selling false promises!!

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