Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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I had posted a complaint about Bobs Discount Furniture in Woodbridge NJ. To my suprise I got a phone call from a very nice but also angry Henry asking about my interest in a class action suit against Bobs Furniture especially their $100 goof-Proof Ins that they almost cram down your throat.

I am not an attorney. I am a paralegal but can definately put together a class action suit against both Bobs Furniture and Gaurdsman. If anyone else is interested please contact me via email or phone 732-589-4616. From the amount of complaints I see here we have no chance of losing.

It only takes 3people to form a class action. we need not let them continue to rip honest hard working consumers as ourselves ANY LONGER!!


Denise Peretti

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I to in Illinois would join this suit!Yes please myself and a friend. Mine is a loveseat and my friend 2 beds


I will gladly be apart of this class action suit, just let me know couch is about 3 yrs old and is peeling.


I'm also interested in legal recourse. They do not care about the health of the people with their poor manufacturing, the warranties are scams.


I was warned by my sister who purchased a table and chairs however,I still purchased 2 arm chairs the back cushions are lumpy the seat flat. I paid cash and they invoiced me for merchandise I already paid for..

There is no one at the store who attempt to help and the customer service number only refers you back to the store.

Wells Fargo is does not have customer service number they want you to send a hand written complaint.. wtf


Add me I'm dealing with a horrible experience right now. That store needs to be shut down for good.

They are a bunch of crooks.


Plz add me to the list only did they screw my order they waited for me to leave that night and dropped off a piece of a couch to my 13 year old son.... This place is a joke...


Please add me to the list!


Please count us in! Email is


I'm also interested in legal recourse. They do not care about the health risks associated with their poor manufacturing, the warranties are scams.


Yes, i am having the same problem. I would be interested in perusing legally.


I will gladly join they have screwed me since day1 and now they just blow me off all of my furniture was broken in a week n half was put together wrong. my email is


If this is still happening I'm interested. Spent over $3000 on living room and my couches are peeling.

Bought the good proof and was told it does not cover peeling. Now it's expired by I am so annoyed and get even more annoyed when I see the bobs commercial.

They don't stand behind their merchandise.


Please contact me Debbie I'm pissed w bobs *** goof proof *** 1-516-633-2471 Greg kramer let's get the class action suit started


got problems with Secaucus nj store...

Please email me


is this still happening? I would like to join.


I was screwed by bobs on 2 of my purchases.

New Jersey (Bobs in Secaucus Nj).

email =


I am interested please email @


I'm interested please email I bought from from them as well. I am based in Staten island NY


I am interested and I would like to take part of this lawsuit. I live in New Jersey.


They screwed me big time. I will join you.

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