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I have had a bad experience with Bob and their goof proof plan which seems to be useless. I have contacted 3 attorneys about starting a class action suit against Bobs. If anyone is interested in joining such a suit- no cost to you the lawyer files and you can be part of the action to collect damages- please keep an eye on this board - not sure when there will be a definite word but I am sure that an attorney will be interested in helping us consumers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Bobs Discount Furniture Cons: Goof proof that was not made good on.

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Is there anyone that has filed a class action lawsuit against Bobs Discount Furniture and their "Goof Plan"? I need help....


I just bought 8 furniture set a few months ago, $1,700. The manager pretty much scared me into buying the goof proof, pretty much said it covered everything under the sun.

After researching last night I knew when I filed my claim they were going to find a reason to deny it, and they did just that. Its a huge scam.


Hey I’m also starting a class action. What’s your info can we please get in touch.

I have a lot of customers on board. Maybe we can join and have one lawsuit. Anybody on this thread who wants to join the class action law suit please add me on Facebook. It’s ashley Marie Saunders.

I’ll have a class action lawsuit picture as my profile picture. Send me a DM.

This goes to the original poster as well. Let’s just pool everyone together and get this done.


is it too late to join?


Let me know if anything happens I purchased a couch and ottoman. The ottoman was smashed on the inside they just fixed it and goof proof said they cant help unless you call them sooner. Its definetly a scam.


Has anything been done toward this class action law suit? I'm very interested.


Recently was denied as well, they sell it to you as an all inclusive protection plan. Its a scam. Luckily i just bought a $500 bed from them and won a dispute through my AMEX which i will hold them hostage with until they fix my couch.


I have been denied 2 claims. Seems like nothing is covered when I was told pretty much everything is covered except pet damage.


I’m interested ! They gave me a defective coach from the start and I’ve had it fixed many times and it continues to brake. They refuse to do anything other then keep fixing the same issue till my warrantee runs out Email Also a law student


Hi this me again, I never slept in my bed yet and have that protective cover they sold me on the mattress. I had neck surgery so I l've been sleeping on my recliner as wear I been getting bitten everyday.

My bedroom set has small wasp and red little bugs on it. Nevered slept on the bed. I've complained to Bob's furniture Store that something biting me on the recliner and my love seat has all this white lint and silver looking stuff keep coming out on it. And my bedroom set has theses small wasp and red looking small bugs on it.

They tells me they spray their furniture and denied my claim. Please include me in the class action lawsuit


Please sign me to the class action lawsuit. I bought furniture that only lasted a week, and spent over 7000dollars.

They finally exchanged, but only because I spent more money to get was supposed to be better quality. They brought the furniture june 8. I went in the hospital June 26 2019, to have neck surgery. Got discharged July 8, and went to my sister house for a week.

Got back to my home July 15th. the second day I slept on the recliner, I woke up face face burning. Been getting bit everyday since. I called them a week after I got home and told them I think I the chair has bugs.

They denied it. I told them every since I been sleeping on the chair, my face, legs and arms been getting bitten. I paid thirteen hundred dollars for the live seat and eight hundred 99 dollars for the recliner. I threaten to go to court.

they're changing the recliner because of a defect. But I'm still stuck with love seat.

My sister has gotten bitten everytime she sits on the love seat. Please help me with some advice


Im so interested in the class lawsuit with bobs discount furniture, my email is


I am interested! I just bought a $3000 bed set with a queen sized mattress in January 2019.

In March & April I was getting a lot of (what I thought was mosquito bites on my left arm. Also, I woke up one morning and found blood splots all on my pillow and sheets around my upper arms. I assumed I had a bloody nose so I went to the bathroom but my nose was fine... It wasn't until July 2019 that I fell asleep on the couch & woke up at 3am, walked into my bed room, flipped on the light switch and saw bed bugs crawling all over the top of my bed!

I freaked out closed the door sealed the bottom & called my landlord as soon as they opened @9am! The inspector came and said that all of the surrounding apartments were fine & they were only in the bed set in the wooden frame.

Also, the bed bug proof cover they sold me, when I got my apartment treated, the pest control people said that the cover I was sold was not bed bug proof... My email is


Count me in


I bought a couch and a rug from BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE. I developed a very bad rash and itch by my contact with the couch.

For three months different doctors tried for different medication and even took a piece of effected skin to analyse and told me it is some kind of eczema. Soon I realized that every time I sat on the couch I start itching and red spots reappear on every part of body's bare skin touching the surface of the couch. At this I was sure the cause was the couch. One of my friends broke out in a rash a week ago and he still has the flare ups or red itchy spots on his body.

I filed a claim with their claims dept. and it was denied!

Of course my medical insurance has covered the medical costs associated with this issue but I am going to do every I can to get every cent that this issue has cost back from them. Also the area rug has fallen apart after a few months.


I am in same boat, and have I have had no luck with there reps ..I will gladly join the lawsuit...


Interested in this class action claim email address is Issues with warranty claim on living room furniture not being covered thru insurance.


I have also had issues with a sofa that the springs fell out and because I didnt trip and fall on it, it is not covered very annoyed


Yes I would also let to put me name on class action suit I bought $3000 diva bedroom set and also goof proofed it now there saying that the warrantees on the screws that hold up the headboard and footboard don’t count with the goof proof then they should mention what goof proof covers email me a Leticia. Mitchell 62@ yahoo . Com to put my name on the list Thank you


Please count me in. They straight up lie about what the warranty covers.

I bet the sales people are compensated well on the warranty sales. Scam big time. My email is and my wife's is We were both there.

Pissed. Sean

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