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I have had a bad experience with Bob and their goof proof plan which seems to be useless. I have contacted 3 attorneys about starting a class action suit against Bobs. If anyone is interested in joining such a suit- no cost to you the lawyer files and you can be part of the action to collect damages- please keep an eye on this board - not sure when there will be a definite word but I am sure that an attorney will be interested in helping us consumers.

This person wrote the review because of warranty issue of bobs discount furniture bed from Bobs Discount Furniture. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Bobs Discount Furniture to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was goof proof that was not made good on. If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Bobs Discount Furniture for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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What they sold me a defected recliner that almost took my daughter fingers off and sold me a stupid warrenty in 2016. hendersonlarry09@gmail.com email me with info.


We have been trying to get a claim started with Guardian for a broken reclining sofa. They are telling us that, though we paid for the goof proof policy, It was never implimented by the supervisor at Bobs in charge of putting it through to Guardian.

A tech has come to inspect the damage in question and determined that it is NOT a mfg. defect which would make it a goof proof issue. So now we've been going back and forth between Bobs and Guardian for going on 4 months.

Not only are they getting less helpful they are getting nastier by the phone call. We've even gone down to the store that we purchased the sofa from to no avail.


Is there still time to join this class action?


Here’s my Email 61afrika@gmail.comLet’s put a stop to peeling furniture bobs! And scam proof/good proof scams


I down with starting a class action suit


Is it too late to join your class action suit against Bob Furniture Store.?


I just bought a sectional with the chaise in February and 3 months later the seams are already ripping and the pillows also. The biggest rip is more than 12 inches long.

I don't think I am going to buy from there anymore. Very disappointed, the sectional is really nice but is cheap fabric waste if money.


I would like to be a part of this class action suit as well. I purchased a warranty from Bob's and my couch ripped.

The sectional pieces are separating from each other.

I've had a technician come to my home 4 times already and have done nothing. they are refusing to do anything about the 3yr old couch and are considering it wear and tear.


Having trouble also. Please contact me at sdeieso.sd@gmail.com.


Type your message here


I’m in bina.babic@gmail.com horrible company


Same here the usb never worked on our couches waited 6 months for piece to get delivered and Boone ever came to install it. Stitching came apart and they sent someone to hand sew it that came undone the next day.

Called for a rip and they said it wasn’t covered. Big scam.

So sick of people scamming. Give us what we pay for.


I have had the same issues. Got scammed.

Piece of crap sofa. Threw it away before it was paid off


Has there been any traction on this?

My wife and I have been dealing with Bob's Furniture craziness for the past year or so and the way they handle customer service is absolutely awful and a disgrace.

They came to our house yesterday to replace a piece of crap couch they couldn't fix, and all they did was remove the old piece and never gave us the new one. Now we have a sectional with the middle piece missing and dangerous metal clips exposed to our two toddlers (safety risk), when the movers left our house, they never announced they were leaving and left all our doors and gate to the street open, luckily neither of the kids ran out.

Bob's furniture is the worst furniture and the worst customer service too.




My mattress protector completely failed making the warranty useless


Hello Everyone,

I am in the process of looking for a good attorney willing to work on a class action suit against Bob's. If there is someone out there who already has one in the works, then I would like to join it.

There is no doubt in my mind that with enough people, going after Bob's for justice, we will be victorious. What I am suggesting to everyone who is serious about starting a class action suit against Bob's, to start gathering all your documents, including any notes you may have taken, names of employees you may have spoken to, as well as dates an time. Only people who are serious in seeing this through should step up. Please contact me by email if your are absolutely ready to fight for what this company has stolen from us.

My email address is pershon106@gmail.com.

I have already started compiling my documents. I have also shared my story with local news stations. We have to start a buzz about this issue.

The more people we find to join this suit the better are chances of shutting the scam down. Please post and share on social media.

We are victims, and we have to stand for something or fall for anything. I look forward to hearing from you.

to pershon106 #1425682

I bought 2 couches from bobs and broke out in horrible rashes took 2 months to realize couch had messed up stuffing in pillows

to pershon106 #1479767

They hit and ran my brand new car, parked car on my driveway last year. Still haven't paid back the $3700 in repairs, or my $500 deductible.

It is on YouTube, I have a police report, numerous names and complaints. They act like I am harassing them when I call. They went into collections on me.

I'm absolutely disgusted. If owed them money for this long, they would had ruined my credit.

to jennifer1499 #1479770

I'm never giving up until I get justice. When I graduate in January with a specialization in social corporate responsibilty, I'm going after them. I will have a leg to stand on.


We have a couch that ia a manufacture defect and bobs goof proof program will not honor it. Made 4 exchanges and still have same problem.

Please include me o. Your lawsuit.

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