Houston, Texas

I purchased a coffee table back in November. I was told that I wouldn't be able to receive it until Jan 3rd because it was back ordered. Ok fine I will deal. Now mind you my mother and sister both purchased from Bob's in the past and never had a problem with them. I order one coffee table and I have had more problems then I can deal with.

The coffee table showed up damaged twice, which I think they are just resending me the same coffee table because I find it so funny how they didn't have any of the coffee table when I ordered it but now all of sudden we have plenty to give away when one becomes damaged. Anyway I had a party planned on the 3rd and they said that I would have my table before then and they were right I got it alright but damaged AGAIN. No one knows what the *** is going on and I love how they cant refund you anything they can just give you store credit. Why the *** would I order anything else from a place who cant get it right the first 2 times.

I am so upset and disappointed with the way customer service treats you. We cant just get over it and say yeah its ok bring it next week. No, when we order something and pay for it then we should be able to get the product the way we ordered it and that's brand new and not damaged. I believe accidents happen but twice?? That is a little absurd. The driver sent me a picture of how they package things and then put them on the truck so I can see why my table keeps coming damaged. Something needs to be done with this place.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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