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When all this started, I looked at the BBB's web site and found that Bob's isn't part of the BBB. Furthermore, they've ad 1250 complaints, 500 this year alone.

I originally purchased a couch and chair with the goof proof about 2 years ago.

When submitting a claim for a small hole on the top of the couch, Bob's indicated that they had switched goof proof providers and could only provide an in store credit. No problem, but it was around Christmas time so delays where long and having company over for the holidays, I needed it changed ASAP. Even went as far as picking up the new couch myself. At the same time I ordered a nice dining table and chair set, along with a coffee table, side tables and lamps for the living room.

After arrival, I noticed a 5 inch indent in the table top because of a manufacturing defect. Again, had to put a claim in. Bob's attempted delivery of a new table but it was damaged when it arrived at the house. Now I have to take another day off from work for their failed delivery attempt.

And now, the couch and chair has these small fibers popping out of the material called dakron. They told me to spray it with Febreeze. Surprisingly this model has been discontinued due to this known problem. Again, they can't replace it so had to order another couch and chair.

Initially they said they'd only replace the sofa which I just couldn't understand so I needed to argue the point that who has a mismatched set, plus the initial inspection by the tech was only the sofa. To make matters worse, they want to charge a $100 delivery fee. Now I am waiting for both a couch and chair set, along with a replacement table. I asked for an early morning delivery so I could go to work later, but they cannot honor my request.

My suggestion, stay far away from this inferior provider of home furniture and work with a local company. You pay more, but as they say, pay now or pay later.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Take them to court!! There is no such person as "Eric". He writes on every complaint.



It would be really helpful to include an email in which I could send this too.

To provide an update, I've since filed a claim with the BBB and contacted the states Attorney General Office. They have since forwarded the complaint to Bob's.

I did beforehand attempt one more time at a resolution. I was guaranteed that a delivery would be made around the 3 o'clock time frame but unfortunately customer service called at 11:15 stating they would be there in 15 minutes. The original time was between 1 and 4. At 1:15 I received a phone call indicating no one was home and that I'd have to reschedule.

At this point I'm done trying to work with the store and will be filing a small claims against Bob's to return the furniture for a full refund and seek reimbursement in the amount of about $800 for the lost wages during this 1 1/2 year long ordeal.

I truly hope others read this and choose not to purchase from Bob's.


I'm sure we can find a suitable resolution for you. I'll keep an eye out for your email. Please refrence this web posting as well...Thanks, Eric.



Although I thank you for your attempt, there are many others that state sending an email is futile, including you. If you are sincere that this can be resolved to my satisfaction, then I'll spend the energy pursuing the resolution.

If this is nothing than an attempt to provide some positive HR on behalf of Bob's store, then I'll will take my original approach. Waiting for your comments.


I'm sorry that we've disappointed you. I'm sure we can get this taken care of though.

If you'd shoot me an email with your order information I'd be happy to assist. Thanks, Eric.


You get what you pay for.

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