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On March 7, 2011 My husband & I purchased the Balboa bedroom set & a Entertainment Center (which we were told would not be in until early may) , from Bob's Discount Furniture, we were never expecting the quality to be excellent because of the price but it was decent . On March 17 we received half of the bedroom set because 2 chest belonging were back ordered , oh and the footboard to our bedroom set was damaged , no one called us to tell us this would be the case, but this is bobs we are dealing with .

So i spoke with someone and they said the 2 chest would come with the entertainment center on april 9 with the replacement of the footboard. On april 9 only one chest came (damaged as well )& the replacement for the footboard . I called again this time i spoke with samantha a supervisor she assured me that on april 28 the replacement for the chest would come along with the other chest and my entertainment center. On april 28 the replacement chest came ( Damaged) and half of my entertainment center.

So to make a really long story short it is may 24 and my delivery for the replacement chest and new chest and rest of my entertainment center were suppose to come today between 3- 5 as per mariah i spoke with yesterday 2:00pm and guess what THE DELIVERY CAME @ 2 p.m. and no one was home . No phone call to say they were early which we had asked for in the past . On top of it we received a phone call on tuesday may 10 to say they were outside for the delivery , when no delivery was scheduled .

So thank you to all the employees Betty , Sara , Mariah , Samantha & Now Michael for lying & for making this the WORST experience i have ever had ..

If your employees continue to work the way the do your company is going go down in flames.. Not because of everyones posts because Karma is Karma....

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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We had a living room set delivered from Bob's. The two very young VERY unprofessional delivery drivers showed up and were in my driveway unloading the furniture having a very loud inappropriate conversation jokingly calling each other the "N" word!!!! After about 15 minutes and a large hole in my hallway wall they tell me they cannot get it

Up my stairs because it is too heavy!!! I ask them to try again or to go over the porch and they give me excuses as to why they cannot try again and tell me it's to heavy and too hot out!!! ??? Then one of them tells me he has to call the office and tell then I'm returning it but says he doesn't want to use his cel phone can he use my house phone? As they are pullin out of my driveway ( I am on the phone with Bobs customer service at the time

Lookin out the window) they drive the delivery truck into our stone wall and make to big holes in it! As I'm telling the woman from Bons what just happened they drive back, get out, check the damage and drive away!!!! This is all while I'm putting in a Claim for the hole in my hallway wall!!!!

It has now been over 3 months and the woman fromThe claims department is giving Me the run around about my claim. I would NEVER go to Bobs for anything ever again!! They are SO unprofessional!!!


Can I please see a few pictures of how badly damaged your entertainment center was? Thanks!

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