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BOBS discount furniture is awful!! March 3rd my boyfriend and I purchased a "BOB O Pedic" Queen mattress, an entertainment center and a swivel chair and couch from the seekonk, MA store.

I have to say the salesperson was very kind, and spent a lot of time with us.finally on Mar 24th we get our delivery... the top piece of our $800 entertainment center is damaged, yet they put most of it together and said someone will send us an entire new one. The mattress went in fine, but they flat out refused to remove our old matress and boxspring! i told them the salesperson and advertisements say they r supposed to remove it, and all i got was "we dont do that." Then they tell me the couch will not fit in our stairwell, but if we "pay them extra" they will hoist it through the 3rd floor window.

of course i didnt *** and we contacted customer service to order the loveseat instead, and the new entertainment center. so far we are satisfied with the mattress, but in less than 2 weeks the center of our swivel chair is sinking. then march 30 they show up with only a new top to the entertainment center. NO LOVESEAT!!

and on top of it, the new piece they brought was ALSO damaged after removing it from the box! So i drove in person and spoke to the store manager, who basically told me "98% of our deliveries are succesful, and we do 15,000 a week." so what, does that mean Im part of the 2% that is *** out of luck?? now the loveseat is out of stock until APRIL 21st...a whopping 7 weeks since this whole ordeal started. will not be returning EVER!!!

and would not recommend to anyone!! we are a young couple buying new furniture for the first time and spent around $2800, which is a lot of money for us!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Loveseat.

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Bob Cares

$2800.00 is a lot of money for anyone to spend. I'd like to see what we can do to make this right for you. If you'd send me a note at Bobcares@mybobs.com I'll be in touch shortly....Thanks, Eric