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To start my experience with Bob’s what is with customer service and the brand and not people at the store in Seabrook New Hampshire. It started off with my kids bunk bed and the top rails not being attached.

Seriously! My kids were able to pull up the top rails and say look at daddy these aren’t attached! After further inspecting after this was installed I noticed that some screws were not even attached and some bolts or even screwed in to the grommets. The slats going across to supposedly support the top mattress were falling down because the top rails and supports were not installed with the proper parts.Customer service out of Connecticut was awful and some of the repair man that came to fix the bunkbed we’re not well-trained.

They told me twice that they would give me a new bunkbed and yet they repair man only came and replace some parts. After numerous attempts, Bob’s refused to return the bunkbed and give me my money back. After waiting a total of 23 hours for serviceman and to have the initial install, having their customer service key people come back four times to fix the problems, they had the audacity to offer me an in-store credit. I have filed complaints Better Business Bureau in Connecticut against their corporate office.

Not once did they ever care about the safety of my children nor the poor quality product that is made of cheap wood and compressed particleboard. Most times when I called customer service, I was on the phone for well over an hour to try to get somebody come out and fix my kids bunk bed which for the first week they couldn’t even sleep on because it was a danger and a Siri safety risk of my children falling off the top bunk. The customer service office didn’t seem to care about that and just wanted the problem to go away. I even took pictures and video of what the bunkbed looks like after they installed.

Bob’s has some good quality products but I wouldn’t buy any wood products from them as they are poorly made and the companyObviously didn’t really care about the safety of my children. Therefore I am boycotting Bob’s and ask everyone else out there to you hear my story and do the same. They make claims that customer satisfaction is important to them and Bob has this funny quirky commercials but when it came to the danger of my children I couldn’t get one manager or regional person to hear me out. I finally just called the store and made them responsible for the quality of their products and the poor installation.

But even when that happened and they were supposed to replace the bad, the install guys that came out only want to tighten a few screws and change a few parts out. I had to force them to replace pthe trundle which was falling apart. The photos are only a few of a bunch I have.

Look! No screws!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The name of the store is Bob’s DISCOUNT Furniture and you have to remember some of the meanings of the word, discount: disregard, pay no attention to, take no notice of, take no account of, dismiss, ignore, overlook, disbelieve, reject. The name of the store doesn’t just mean “cheap”, it also means they don’t care about your problems or concerns once they make the sale.

Also, a decision to purchase products based on “funny, quirky commercials” will get you nothing but headaches. Those commercials are annoying and unprofessional, yet people keep falling for these junky stores with junky quality.

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