Lindenhurst, New York
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Get this i paid 500+ for the bobs montgomery daybed with delivery and the goof proof. First of all they hire mexicans to do the delivery.

While unboxing the parts one of the idiots smacked it into my ceiling fan scratching the allready cheap *** leather. after the hour i took to put it together i decided to lay in it and watch a movie, about 45 mins into the movie the whole thing comes crashing down. this thing is made of compressed wood all around. the slats look like they have been sitting in the rain for 10 years, i was able to turn the screws that these so called professional installers tightened with my hands.

I call up and the lady tells me that there is no refund only stre credit for more compressed wood. should have just spent the extra cash and got quality instead of BOBS!!!!!

their slogan should be no qaulity all value, but i dont see the value in compressed garbage that breaks on the first day, and no im not fat either. when u flick the wood u see sawdust comming off of it WTF???

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

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I don't know when I've laughed so hard.....I'm so sorry this happened to you missed your calling, you should have been a standup comedian......I'm sure it wasn't funny to you..........I found humor in the way you worded it and not what happened to you.......I wish you better luck in the future.....(Good Luck to you)


mexicans? .....not cool