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i spent close to $900.00on there top of the line matress from the framingham mass store. i got a guarantee against stains by bying somwe type of protection sheet it took the cluless drivers several time to derliver the first matress after the first replacement tried to replace this complete farce ofr a matressit took another several trips to deliver the replacement matresswell the less than i mth later the matress again has lots support complety as well as complete shape of the matressi have tried to reason with this company and finuilly they send out a man who is speaking broken english,tells me bcause the stains on the matress they will not cover the matress, ihave to go to the protection companyto try to get a new matress my body with multiple medical issues has gotten much worse since i do not have a matressthat lets me get the sleep and support that a matress should give.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

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well what a comment and its not even for the products for this company lol


Hello All! Eric really does exist, however as of today he is on vacation.

Please confirm that you have emailed the correct address which should be We do respond to all inquiries.

You may also contact thru our twitter channel at mybobs_custcare. Thank you, Laura


i got an email from that eric person really doesnt work? that is disappointing...some should call susan hogan from the news here...she always investigates bad business practices!



surprise the bob's store with this name of eric has not gone thrrw to try to fix this problem every thing from ther get go has bin a farcethe fact that there is no ''eric''or an e nmail that works tio get a hold of this person :( goes with this complete fake and dishonestbuisness let the fun begin



today on 4 4/12 i tried to e mail this person called eric? surprise it did not go threw this continues to be a farcei will hsave no choice but to go to the ntl media on this company


Hi Brad,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with our mattress. I'd like to see what we can do to get this taken care of for you. Please send me an email at,Eric

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