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Bob's DISCOUNT Furniture is called that for a reason. The couch I ordered was delivered with a hole in the fabric; when I asked for a new one they said they didn't have another one like it,and would send some one to repair it.

We could not schedule a time to fix it that would work for us so they're solution was to send us a package of fabric. Needless to say, it never got fixed and to add insult to injury,the couch and love seat didn't wear well and looked shabby after a few weeks.

never again! I'll stick with Jordan's,so much for "I will make you happy."

Review about: Bobs Discount Furniture Loveseat.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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We just had our sons "Big Boy" bed delivered to our home. We were building it up, no more crib and all that.

The delivery came and there are surface scratches on the captain's bed and the dresser. They told us that someone would be out to repair the scratches next week, and if they couldn't they would replace the pieces. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If I was home, I would not have accepted delivery and had them send me non-damaged furniture.

I spent good money to get NEW furniture, not damaged stuff.

My wife is more forgiving than me and let them deliver it with the hopes that ther repairs will be satisfactory. We'll see......


Well if they didn't have another like it, I assume it was a special order. Otherwise all in-stock items are always available.

I take it you agreed to have a technician come out and install a new piece of fabric for you.. that is why a part order for the fabric was done. And, as they would have explained to you at that time, you need to call Bob's as soon as the package comes in to let them know you have it, otherwise a technician will not miraculously appear at your home. Bob's has no clue you received parts until you let them know.

Parts are ordered through vendors, and they are shipped by them, not by Bob's. And just so you know, half of the stuff sold in Jordans is made by the same vendors that makes Bob's furniture.

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