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i am very upset with the way i have been treated as a customer to bob's furniture i received a delivery on april 3,2010 and the delivery guys stole 2 very valuable necklaces that i had for 20yrs and i have yet not gotten any compensation no settlement of this matter from corporate they have not worked very well with me with this problem i am not very happy of this out come of my property being taken from my home after paying alot of money for furniture as a bob's customer not being treated fairly i have made a police report and now it is up to corporate to complete this situation to satify a customer and it has still not been done i am very disappointed with the way i am being treated with this matter.

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Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia #192745

If a delivery man steals your necklaces you are suposed to call 911 ASAP, not call the store.

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