Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

So we had a bed room set and living room set delived.They first of all could not put the bed together because the bed wasnt made correctly so they made me wait another 5 days +

After the delivery men left I double checked to make sure that $ 100 from our bed room was still there guess what They STOLE my money out of my bed room and yeah they have not refunded the money yet. Called and said that there was no way to get in contact with "bob " himself so they have been no help at all


Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1990.

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Not all delivery people are dishonest.. There I say it but my experience last February 7 was Horrible.

my Diamond engagement ring and wedding ring was stolen and some other jewelries. The only person in my bedroom is the Delivery guy. Called Bob's furniture and the Manager gives me false home, promising me that they will do everything they can to get my ring back and they will make it right for me but after waiting for many weeks they give me a news that they can't do anything about it. From we will do everything we can to make it right for you to can't do anything about it.

I am angry, angry and angry. my husband and I been together for 11 years, just got married last year. I waited for him to propose and he work so hard to get that perfect ring for me and all of the sudden someone took it away. someone Violated my trust, my home...


I want Bob's furniture to do the right thing. maybe for you guys my ring worth nothing but for me it's worth more than anything..


Ok, let's approach this logically. Let's say I buy an item at Bob's for, oh, $500. Let's say that same item at another non-discount store is $1000. Same item essentially, but diffrerent construction, components, what have you.

The Bob's item, after one year of use, looks like it's been used for 5 years.

The other item after one year of use, looks like one would expect after a year.

Let's say that both items experience the same use, same environment, etc. The Bob's item needs to be replaced in 2 years. The other item needs replacement in 5 years.

Bob's: $500/2 years=$250/year

Other: $1000/5 years=$200/year

The higher quality, more expensive item is actually less expensive over its lifespan. The "discount" is only in the immediate, over time it's more expensive.

The reason there are so many complaints here around this is customer expectation. Bob's commercials lead the consumer to believe that the furniture they sell is the SAME quality as non-discount stores. This leads the customer to believe that they are getting the same/equal product at a discount because other stores are overcharging them. This is NOT the case, Bob's is simply using cheap manufacturing, cheap parts, shoddy labor to save money. As does Walmart, as do countless other modern retailers. That's fine, it's their choice to do so.

The problem isn't that these customers just like to complain, it's that their expectations are set incorrectly. Bob's misrepresents the quality of product that they offer. Most of the posters here obviously thought they were buying equal quality at a lower price because Bob's is a no BS retailer that passes on savings to the consumer, as one who doesn't know better would infer from their advertisements.

Every company has challenges and makes mistakes sometimes, but Bob's is creating the issues we're seeing here because they are L-Y-I-N-G. False advertising is lying.


i've worked for bob's/contracted for bob's for 3 years now and worked for other companies as well. The problem is the more a company grows the more complaints they get.

I read most of this postings and find them really rediculous. thank you shelley for going against all the people that have their head in their behind.


omg give me a break let me tell you something my son is a delivery person and works real hard for you pain in the *** people if you dont like bobs go somewhere else already and 1 more thing he sure the *** wouldnt steal someones money BOBS pays him well!!!!


why would you leave $100.00 laying around when you have complete strangers in your house, especially in your bedroom ?

beats me.


I believe it i had a driver go nuts in my home and berate me and my wife infront of our 7 yr old son . needless to say i threw his *** out and contacted bobs as usual they did nothing

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