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I ordered a mattress. We were exchanging, because the first was too hard.

We set up delivery. I checked and checked and the delivery was on schedule. I received a call around the time of delivery stating that they came to my house and no one was home. Not only was I home, but I had 4 children and 2 dogs at my house, and the front door open.

I was then told they took a picture of my mailbox. Really? Why? I live on a long common driveway, how does that prove I wasn't home?

Furthermore, they are supposed to call before they come. Okay. They were supposed to get back to me. They didn't.

I called again. I was put back on the list. No show. I called again, this time I spoke with John at the New Hampshire headquarters.

He said they didn't call to say they were coming, so I should never have been taken off the list. He put me on the list, again, and said if they didn't deliver "heads would roll". Hours past and I called again. Someone from delivery took me off the list...again.

They said they weren't delivering and the earliest they could deliver would be in 4 days. Let's get this straight....they screw up, don't deliver, and expect me to miss another day from work to wait around again. I have paid deliver twice. They did nothing to try to make me happy.

They will not drop any of the delivery charges, they will not try to deliver tomorrow, they even said if I cancel I will only get a store credit. I don't feel like I have been treated well. The delivery supervisor Christine was a cold person, who has no people skills or respect. She remained calm, I will give her that, but she didn't attempt to do anything to make the situation better...nothing, just repeating the policy and the dates that were not working for me.

The mattress was $1600. I was supposed to go back to order a bedroom set for my son. Is the economy that good that they can afford to lose paying customers?

NEVER again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Bob Cares

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'm sure we can make this right.

Please send your order info to Thanks, Eric.