On Friday, September 23, 2011, Bob's made a delivery to my home, there were two employee's that delivered an entertainment base. They showed up in an unmarked truck and did not appear friendly at all. Everything was business, they took the item off the truck and bought it over to the porch area of my home where the item was removed from the box.

Upon removing it from the box, they broke the styroform while doing so. They bought the item into my home and asked if I had paper towels so they can wipe the cabinet down. I said I'll take care of wiping it down.

I figured they would pick up the box and styroform which was all over the porch and driveway, but to my amazement they left. In the rain I was the fool out there cleaning up a mess that thought was part of Bob's delivery service at $60.00 dollars.

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No, picking up garbage and boxes is not a delivery persons job. Each store has a different policy, most furniture stores do not take back garbage.

I just purchased furniture from Raymour and they left all the cartons, plastic etc...No big deal!!!! These guys have about 10 stops a day, imagine if they took back garbage from every delivery they made that day, where would they put them in the truck???Maybe if you tipped them well, they could of worked something out for you.


They only did half of what there suppose to do. Part of the delivery is to take back ALL garbage.


Sounds like they did what you hired them to do.


If you wanted a friend, delivery person, AND a janitor, you should have looked elsewhere.

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