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Suppose to have over $2,000.00 worth of furniture delivered on 12/21/09 between 1 and 3p.m. ( the time they gave me). aT 5PM I called to find out where it was. I was informed the drivers called the office to say my driveway need to be shoveled. I had it PLOWED yesterday after the big snow storm. When I informed the girl that OIL trucks come down it when it is worse. It was then said that they tried to call me but someone hung up on them. HELLO what is your story? I had only one call between those hours and NO ONE was on the other end of the line. I had said hello 4 times and no one answered me.

The drivers were just to lazy to come up the drive. Yes it is a long drive ( 900 ft) but they did not even attempt. Now Bob's has my money and I have no furniture. Oh they will deliver it but not until after Christmas.Some good that does me!! Funny they take the money right away but you have to wait 10 days to get it back from Corporate.

I am just not a happy camper at all. To all STAY AWAY FROM BOB'S . Yeah they have good deals but don't keep their word on anything.

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They would not have gotten stuck or have gotten hurt. Point is they didn't try.

When I answered the phone they refused to talk to me, so it was treated as a crank call and I hung up. To bad I didn't have a whistle or fog horn handy, I would have loved to see them try to explain that away. I have a son who is handicapped who walks up to the front door every winter with it plowed the way is was and he has not fallen. I had my brother who lost his hip in June walk to the car with no problem.

Neither one of these boys has fallen in my driveway. I do take precautions and sand if it is to slick.

They are full of excuses. To answer your question again, I would not have to pay to get them out as they would not have gotten stuck !!


Hi i used to deliver for bob's. I only have one question... Would you have paid the cost of getting the truck out of the driveway if it had gotten stuck or would the contractor who was trying to deliver your furniture pay?


While I would not presume to know the state of your plowed driveway, for our delivery team’s safety the driveway, stairs, and walkways must be completely clear of snow, slush, and ice. Please remember they must maintain their footing while carrying your new sofa or dresser into your home; falling while carrying such weight can cause a great deal of harm to our employees. I apologize for the inconvenience this policy has caused you.

Diane Lajoie

Bob's Discount Furniture


My drive way was PLOWED!!! I am not SHOVELING a 900 ft.

Driveway. It is plowed EVERY Storm. They are Lazy.

Furniture delived on the 24th with no problem. Wawas you are an a$$ and probably work for Bob's


shovel your driveway, you wouldn't have a problem.

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