Purchased a 7 piece dining set and a TV console to be delivered 3/1/14. When I ordered it in the Woodbridge, NJ I told the sales rep we needed a morning delivery and was willing to wait the extra week to be accommodated, which we did.

On 3/1 I checked Bob's "State of the art delivery tracker" and noticed it said 1:51PM, I wasn't happy but I waited. I check again and now it shows 2:30PM I proceeded to call, after waiting on hold for 20min all the while listening to Bob's voice telling me "I hate to wait on hold" send me an email, someone finally picked up. Jason stated he was looking at the GPS and the truck would be here by 3PM. At 3:20PM I looked at the tracker again and now it stated 4:01PM, I again called waited 20mins and was told they are at the stop before me and should be there is a few minutes.

I should mention I discarded the kitchen set we had on Friday night and sanitation picked it up in the morning. The truck finally shows up @ 4:20PM, the driver comes in to look where the stuff is going, at this point he asks me, "you have the table top right"? I looked at him and said what? he shows me his paper work and it shows, a console, 6 chairs and a "table base" NOT a table but a base.

He stated he questioned it at the warehouse and they told him the base only. he calls the warehouse and I get on the phone and the woman tells me the table top is backordered, I ask her in the 3 weeks since we ordered this set, the conformation call they made to us, and the 2 calls I made on delivery day WHY nobody mentioned that I wasn't getting a complete table? of course she dummied up and apologized, I asked her why after waiting 8 hours that now I have NO kitchen set for my family of 6, she didn't know what to say. I called the store and the same story, we don't know how this could happen.

the delivery team were nice guy's, I gave them something to drink, they actually felt embarrassed they were in this situation. Now I have to go to Raymour & Flanigan order a set and get it in 3 days. I will then go to small claims court on Monday and open a case against Bob's for the difference in price and my lost time, let them send an attorney to defend it, if they don't show I win by default. The best part is, you can't send an email like this to Bob's as it is limited to about 50 words.

Just a horrible waste of 3 weeks waiting for furniture. As for his "state of the art" delivery tracker, it must be a pencil and paper. Also, they have my $1700 for 3 weeks now.

GOOD LUCK dealing with BOB's!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

Location: Staten Island, New York

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The tracker is false info. I am having a problem presently.


Delivery was partial and had to chase the truck to stop as they took off withput delivery.Delivered 3 out of 5 items.Re-schedule delivery and can't track delivery time as website is undergoing maitenance :)Not a great experience.Shouldn't be this hard. Offering a store coupon for inconvinence is not erase the experience,


I totally agree with you. I didn't even get a call and the driver was at my home.

Second they hire people that curse and leave trash. Their so called state of the Art system doesn't work.

Also I was suppose to get Breakfast with Bob and then they changed it on me. What a terrible company


Here I sit for the fourth day trying to get my order right from Bob's. I bought a couch which included two recliners in it one did not work so they sent the repair man who told me it needed a new motor so Bob's mailed me a motor sent the salesman back guess why they sent the wrong Motor so here we go again they send me another motor and guess what wrong motor again so here I sit waiting for them to deliver me a new couch meanwhile I had to sit here four times waiting on this company, some days I wonder how this world runs


I agree with you . I've had the same problems with them. I will never recommend them, or go there again!


I would never recommend them either. There’s too much to write about my experience.


Wow I am going thru the same situation,I been home since this morning,took off from my job,waste my time for foolishness. I am never going back to Bob's,because everything he say is a blinking lie.


Yes it is a joke... I will never order from them and of course, will not recommend to any one to buy there....


The tracker first said 7:00am for my delivery, and my furniture didn't arrive until 10:15am, which was 45 minutes in addition to the 4hour window. Bob's whole delivery operations need to revamped because they suck.

If they expect customers to be set aside 4 hours of the day for a delivery, they should be courteous enough to ensure it's delivered accordingly. If you want to *** people off, mess with their time and money.


Well haven't even had my furniture year couch replace 5 times tables 4 lamps 5 times now recliner sinks n still waiting for service. I will never buy from them again corporate office needs to know how deal with public.

Then to make appt for service girls work out of there homes got get up 630 to answer phones n there baby you hear crying now what's wrong with this picture? Not hiding who I am


Just an FYI, if you email "askbob@***.com" you can send a regular email with your concerns. You *should* (mind you, sometimes it's backed up) get a response within 24-48 hours.

Should. But there is no character or word limit there, it's a regular email.

Hope this helps, and I'm sorry you had the issue in the first place. Back orders are a ***.


Same situation here waiting for delivery the whole entire day. Dumb delivery out of state trucker it waste of time. :(

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