Lowell, Massachusetts
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Ted English

Chief Executive Officer

Bob's Discount Furniture

428 Tolland Avenue

Manchester, CT 06040

Dear Mr. English:

This letter is in regards to the deplorable service I have received from your company. In all of my life, I have never been more dissatisfied than the service I have received or lack thereof.

By trade, I am a business analyst. I look for problems and find solutions to fix them. I am not one to usually complain but the level of service I have received from your organization is nothing but deplorable. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, I am quite disappointed.

Around thanksgiving, my future mother-in-law purchased a 3-piece dining room set to celebrate our upcoming marriage. Everything seemed great up until the day before the first delivery. Here are the timeline of events as follows:

"¢ 1st problem I had to call about: The auto dial never called and told me when my delivery was arriving

"¢ 2nd problem: I called to find out when my delivery was the night before delivery. They told me it was at 6:45am! I am glad I called because I would have thought someone had died being woken up that early.

"¢ 3rd problem I had to call about: the person who took my order wrote down the wrong address I asked them to fix it. At this time, I asked her to make sure the delivery driver call me when he arrives because my doorbell was acting up

"¢ 4th problem: the delivery driver did not call and luckily I heard the truck outside and woke up to help him in

"¢ 5th problem: delivery driver told me that the person who loaded the truck forgot 1 chair and I had to call to reschedule a second delivery

"¢ 6th problem: he asked to use my cell phone because he didn't have one

"¢ 7th problem: After the driver told me my table was set up and working properly, I come to find out that the hinge was jammed and it did not fold. My fiancé couldn't even fix it, either the delivery driver didn't care or he doesn't know how to assemble

"¢ 8th problem: I had to wait 20 minutes again on hold for customer service and they tried to schedule my furniture delivery in two separate shipments, I asked them to combine it to one because I don't have time to wait around for an additional 8 hours (4 hour span for each delivery) I work. They scheduled it for December 9th and told me everything would be fine. On Tuesday, the 6th the autodialer calls me to tell me my shipment would arrive on Wednesday.

"¢ Wrote a note to "My Bobs" customer complaints and was told I would get a response within 1 business day and that was a week ago and never heard anything

"¢ After receiving the call I asked the customer service person to make sure it was scheduled for Friday. She said it was and the autodialer made a mistake

"¢ My future mother-in-law called to get reimbursed for shipping and she was denied

"¢ Today, the 9th of December my furniture was set to arrive. After being reassured that my order would be on time because I am having a dinner party on Saturday and got rid of my existing furniture to accommodate my new furniture I get a message that says my chair broke and they aren't delivering it and they are delivering my order in two separate shipments one scheduled for today for the new table and one scheduled for next Friday a week from today

"¢ Then they delivered it when they said it wasn't coming

"¢ Wrote on pissed off customer.com and the man Scott told me to contact him and I did and he didn't respond. I am not suprised.

"¢ Following Friday showed up at my apartment and tried to deliver another chair when I didn't order it, they called me 6 times when I was in a business meeting

"¢ Told them we didn't order it

"¢ I called to get the delivery charges waived after speaking with three different managers and they finally caved....it should have been offered a long time ago. I can't believe they denied us the 1st time, poor customer service.

"¢ Since then 3 calls asking if it was delivered over 1 week period I told them every time I received it.

"¢ Then today I get a call asking about an exchange in merchandise

"¢ I call back and none of my orders were closed, the manager thought I never received the table I received over a month ago!!!! Today is Jan 12th; I received it at the end of Nov/beg of Dec. I asked for a refund on everything all she offered me was a $25 gift card. She said, "since you no longer want to shop at our stores, all I can offer you is a $25 gift card." I also told them to stop harassing me and close out my account. Since everything was still open it took me another 20 minutes to try to fix things. She told me customer service is our number one priority and that everything should be taken care of now. Yah right.

"¢ I will be sending a formal complaint to the Better Business Journal and all of the news stations

"¢ The amount of time I spent dealing with these people is deplorable. The time wasted away from work and having to be home for 4 hour spans! The annoying Bob greeting waiting on hold! I am SO done with bob's and I am going to make sure everyone hears about my story. I never complain about places but this one take the cake! DEPLORABLE.

In a world where social media and word of mouth are forever increasing most companies are jumping on the band-wagon and are becoming more customer-focused. I was planning on purchasing furniture from your store after my wedding because I need to replace pretty much everything and I can't see myself doing that now. It is too much of a hassle. I lost about 17 hours of work dealing with your company. 17x 31.25/hour= 531.35 which is more than the cost we spent on the dining room set. Add in 299 and I have spent 830.25 on my dining set. You owe me $830.25.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Table.

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:cry :?

The *** is cheep, they say you get what you pay for, but when it comes to Bob's you get ***, 3 months later..

while they have your money, their making interest on it, and you're stuck waiting for *** furniture that falls apart.. This guy Eric is going around trying to "Make It Right" The only way he can make it right is if he told you to go somewhere else, Bob's sucks.



We would certainly like to make this right for you. We do not have a record of you contacting us after your last review.

If you would like to contact me I am here Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:30pm.

Please send me your order information to Bobcares@mybobs.com and I will do whatever I can to have this rectified for you. Thanks, Eric

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