Goof Proof is a scam! | Bobs Discount Furniture in Washington, District Of Columbia

I purchased a set of bunk beds in October 2011 and since this was for children, I also purchased the Goof Proof warranty. Five months later, I realized there was a chunk out of a top railing, so I immediately called to have it fixed. Denied! The reason given was because I didn't see it happen, couldn't explain how it happened. It is a 5 year old's bed! How am I supposed to know how it happened??? I was convinced to buy this plan because it will cover any little scratch it gets, you just have to call them right away. Little did I know of the many, many exclusions that apply. If you are going to buy from this business of fraud, DO NOT buy the Goof Proof plan. You put $100 more in their pockets and you get nothing. I will never shop with Bob's again.
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i too bought goof proof. when the furniture started falling apart, i called to make a claim.

i was told that the damage was poor workmanship on bob's part and goof proof refused to pay. when i talked with bob's they said they wouldn't cover the damage because i had goof proof.


I wish I knew what a rip off this plan was before I purchased it. I was told this plan covered everything.

My couch was ripped while moving it. I called to make a claim and was told they don't cover damage caused it transit.

I told them none of my paperwork says that and all the rep said was they probably didn't give you the term sheet but my claim is still denied. This is a complete scam.


Thank you SO very much, Eric, for getting me the replacement siderails. It's people like you who are the saving grace of this company.

Thank you for working so hard to ensure we, the customers, are satisfied.

You deserve a raise. ;)


I am very upset with them as well. Same thing happened with me and they denied the claim.

It is a BIG SCAM.

don't purchase anything from there. you will be disappointed :(


Eric, I had already emailed you at the given address, supplying you with the address and phone number associated with my account as requested. I am waiting to hear back from you.


I'd like to take a look into this for you. Please drop me a line at Thanks, Eric

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Bobs Discount Furniture Bed
Ordered two couches and a queen bed frame. Delivery came, and the *** left the couches in the rain. The couches were ruined, and had to be returned. Also, on the queen bed, they brought all the right pieces EXCEPT FOR THE HEADBOARD. This is a pretty crucial piece of...
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Don't do it! Waste of $$. Everything is "normal" wear and tear.

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Bobs Discount Furniture Bed

Bobs discount horrible service top to bottom | Bobs Discount Furniture in Washington, District Of Columbia

There is no accountability in this organization. Whether it is the store, delivery, cutomer service or management. No one has a clue. It seems as though everyone employeed in this company dropped out of grammar school. Here is a list issues I had with bob: 1. they tried to add items on my invoice. I reviewed it and found over$700 of extras they added. 2. delivery people were horrible. left my house a mess and did a poor job assembling. Ladder on kids bunk bed was not screwed on properly. 3. I have spent a total of 9 hours on hold calling customer service (should be called lack of customer service) They are all liars and have no clue about customer service. They are worse then Jennifer Convertibles - and they are horrific!
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I completely agree. I had a similar experience with Bob's Discount Furniture in South Portland, Maine.

My problem was only with my mattress cover (complete with the goof proof protection plan). The zipper broke after 5 days of using it. From out of the package to into the trash can it had only been zipped up 1 time. Yes, ONE time.

No one at the store would accept a return and neither would any of the 4, yes FOUR, different customer service hotlines that I was referred to by the previous. I had to return to the store, who got on the phone and did the same thing I had done- the in-store rep was also given the run around on the phone. Finally, she got a number that I was not given and still was not able to help me. The whole time there were 2 display racks full of the exact item that I am still trying to exchange.

I don't want money, I want a mattress cover that zips up. That's it. I paid over $2,000 for a bed set, this cover and delivery. I want the bed cover.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the lack of responsibility, accountability and general lack of knowledge about the business that they are supposed to be working at. :(

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Bobs Discount Furniture Bed

No customer respect at all! | Bobs Discount Furniture in Washington, District Of Columbia

Bobs does not care at all about there customers.I bought a bunk bed in the beginning of Feb for my kids.I just got it about a week ago.I couldn't believe how long I had to wait for this bed.When they delivered it a headboard was damaged so I had to wait another week in a half.When they finally assembled the bed they had screws missing and they assembled it wrong.I couldn't believe all the trouble this purchase has brought me horrible.So now I have to wait till the 13th to get the problem fixed.I'm so disappointed.In other stores they would apologize and offer you a discount for inconvenience they've caused you.
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i find it funny that your biggest complaint is they didn't give you a discount! hello dumb dumb bob's DISCOUNT furniture!!

you already got your discount! and PLEASE PLEASE learn how to spell and use proper grammar before coming on here and posting because it just makes you look even more ignorant than complaining about not getting a discount :cry


This is the most horrible place, I have ever been to;

I have purchased a mattress set 2 weeks ago and I am yet to receive them ...

First time they brought a wrong set and the second time they just delivered the mattresses without BOX;

Now I am waiting for the Box frame since last week....



Today morning I had a bad experience with Bob's Discount Furniture;

After waiting for couple of days for the delivery today they brought and King Size mattresses instead of Queen;

Neither the delivery guys nor the Sales person who was on phone were least bothered to say 'SORRY' for bringing the wrong product;

Now I have to wait for 3 more days to get my mattresses;

It sucks ...


This complaint obviously sends one message. Give me a discount.

I would not be surprised if you are a single parent and do not know who the father of these children are. You are the one that does not respect yourself.

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Bobs Discount Furniture Bed

Bobs is the worst to purchase from | Bobs Discount Furniture in Washington, District Of Columbia

Went in to Bobs in Stoughton,bought 2 camden youth bedroom sets. They were delivered 2weeks later. The guys put the beds (both)together in less than 15 minutes. Wow impressive huh. Well before I could get the new sheets on the bed 1 had collapse. While trying to figure how the heck that happened, I noticed 2 screws, a washer and a bolt on the floor. No wonder they got them together so fast, they didn't use the darn screws that came with it. # of days later they bring back 2 new beds, and one is broke in the box. Mind you the 1st bed that broke was not going to be slept in until the following month when my son came back home. How does a bed break if its never been slept in. So now we are on bed 2, and 3 and the bed is broken again. Please refrain from purchasing anything from bobs, their furniture is cheap. The only thing good about them is the ice cream.
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Dear I work there,

We just purchased a reclining love seat and sofa from Bob's in Manchester NH and couldn't be happier. SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT! Delivery was scheduled between 7:29am and 11:29am and they showed up at 08:00am. Delivery guy's were courteous and respectful. If this set holds up (unlike our last set from Bernie and Phyl's) you will most definitely have our return business.

The reason we went to Bob's despite all the negative comments on this site was, we have two fiends who also have had good experiences there.

Some folks will never be happy no matter WHAT.


:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


I agree the customer service dept. is not at fault when things go wrong.Its the one who takes your order processes your card for payment and then tells you that your order isnt in stock.

To make matters worse partial delivery comes in of what was available and its incorrect.I call to rectify the problem to find out what i wanted was indeed available and that it will be delivered on Wednesday. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Tuesday morning I get a phone call due to the snowstorm all deliveries will be canceled. I completely understand and i certainly wouldn't want anyone to be in an accident, but i do expect my delivery either Thursday,Friday,even Saturday morning.

Monday is unacceptable because by then my visitors will be eating on the floor next to the bar chairs they sent which are the wrong chairs.I've gone from excited to order to sad then happy and dealing with customer service annnnnnnnnngry but thanks to Nancy at customer care who was so sweet and understanding i feel better. I'll give Bobs another chance thanks to Nancy


Hi everyone,

I work for bob's and we are honastly a very customer oriented company.. i know unfortunate things happen and you want them fixed..but please everyone hear me out..When you get a service rep on the line, We are going to do everything we can to help.

We have no idea what has happend until you tell us. I understand your mad, anyone would be . but please guys go easy on us we are doing the very best we can to help.

So please no more swearing at the person who is answering the phone. We are here to help not be abused

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Bobs Discount Furniture Bed

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