Brooklyn, New York
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Bought a dining room set (penthouse) in December. Hutch and server ($1000) backordered until Jan.

We were ok with this until January became March and now March they r not sure but they won't refund us our money but issue a store credit. In the meantime we had to pay in December for furniture we have not received. They won't credit us the amount but only issue store credit so u t stuck w merchandise u don't want! They won't sell us the floor sample.

They r rude and nasty. Bob does not care. There is NO Bob! They just want $$$$$$.

They keep taking orders for this furniture they can't deliver, make everyone prepay it and then u r stuck because u can't get your money back. I am so disappointed.

They r ripping off customers. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM so you don't have to be abused!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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I purchased from Bobs in November of couch already has ripped at the seams and I also went recently to purchase a bedroom set in the Southington store....after reading these comments on here- I may end up purchasing elsewhere.....they never helped me on the couch so I dont see how I can trust them with bedroom furniture now......great.

Bob Cares

This certainly doesn't sound right to me. Would you drop me a line at I'd be more than happy to get this taken care of for you...Thanks, Eric