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We purchased 3 bureaus on 9/08 all 3 pieces loaded with holes,dents,scratches..called bob's discount furniture ..because we picked up furniture no refund, no help & no warranty service...would have to pay delivery fee to have new pieces delivered and inspected..they came with so called new pieces,all defective..was told this was what it should look like,even delivery men said they were defective...on phone for over an hour, they reluctantly agreed to give refund...still have all 3 original pieces in our bedroom waiting to be picked up..will never do business with them again! buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Warranty.

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actually i was there with the guy from the first exchange. They were commenting on the drill you had.

Your sons were there for the pick up. live in a town famous for cranberries


Matt isn't a delivery driver - he's some schmoe who works in the office of Bob's who hacked his way into my account to sound like he knew what he was talking about. He has changed his tune because he doesn't know anything about the interaction between the real delivery people & me.

I work in the insurance industry too. HIPPA applies not only to medical records but also financial records. Since he hacked into my account for the sole purpose of discrediting me on the internet that's a clear violation that the feds take seriously.

Good luck, Matt....



Matt is 100% correct about the way those items are made. And I too am sorry you did not notice it in the store.

However, I was a little curious about the HIPPA comment - what does that have to do with a delivery driver talking about futiture? It caught my attention because I used to be in the medical insurance business, and that is of course a common term I heard back then. It has no application here, though.


okay, i was at your house the last time. for your pick up.

i never hacked into anything, i saw all the items that you sent back with my own eyes. true the lingerie chest had a crack but what i was trying to say is that the furniture that you bought was supposed to have wormholes and other distress marks. alot of people dont look over the furniture at the store, only when they recieve it at their home. im sorry that you didnt see that in the store but dont get mad at me for telling the truth.

and btw corporate isnt located in nh. i did nothing wrong but tell you that you got exactly the same product thats in the showroom.


Awesome - so you work for Bob's and hacked into my account. They're gonna love that at corporate in NH.

So tell me, Mr Deliveryman, before I report you, (you'll be surprised at the implications of HIPPA) what was the website I showed you & what was on it?




You're so full of *** - you never came to my house - you can't even tell me the website I showed you, so just admit it. Besides, you keep "forgetting" about the FOURTH piece we returned.

What was that smart guy, huh? So just *** if all you're going to do is lie.


For your information i have delivered this particular set many times and it is called the Waverly set by pinewood. It has wormholes and deep lines along the drawers.

This is called distressing or "grandma's keepsakes", which they call at some stores. I did not need to look at the other chests, the lingerie chest was unopened and had the same marks as every single piece of this set i have ever seen, store or delivery. And all the technician would have done was tell u that u bought a distressed set, thats it.

The reason of this distressing is to make it look antique. Every single other furniture store has sets that are made like this.


Matt? You picked up the furniture, huh? So tell me - what website did I show you? Also, how did you see that all the furniture was fine when 2 of the bureaus were still in their box when you picked them up? And how do you explain the BACK of the lingerie chest along with the crack underneath the frame on the top cover?

Wormholes? It looked like someone attacked it with a nail gun & then slashed it with a small hachet.

The reason they didn't send a "service technician" is that would have been free to me. They decided to scam me out of a delivery charge instead.


I picked these 3 pieces up at this customers home today. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the pieces the problem was the customer did not examine the furniture closely when they were in the showroom picking out the bedroom set. This set was not discount, there were wormholes etc added at the factory as a distressed look.


Actually craig i picked up these items at this customers house today. These items were not discount and they were definitely not in the cheap price range.

These pieces were distressed with wormhole detailing etc from the factory.

Ive never worked for any furniture company, low or high end that did not sell distressed furniture. The bottom line is when u buy something, actually take a look at what your buying instead of making a general assumption that the company is selling damaged goods.


First off, when you buy any type of discounted furniture, you cannot expect top quality hand made products made of solid wood and perfect finish. Most likely, all three of those chests you purchased, price combined, would be how much you would need to spend on a single chest to provide the level of quality you are looking for, keep that in mind in the future.

Also, services are provided at NO COST regardless of whether or not an item is picked up or delivered - Bob's does not charge a dime for service technicians to go to a customers homes under any circumstance. In some cases technicians will not be sent out, such as if customer caused the damaged, but aside from an issue like that - no one is denied service or charged for it.

And of course a company will not deliver items for free when other customers must pay for the same service, that is not fair to them. There is a reason you are asked to inspect merchandise before it leaves the warehouse, you cannot blame Bob's because you failed to do so. The refund policy is clearly stated on the website, and on the sales form you signed, just above your signature - if you read it you would know refunds are not given, only replacements and store credit if damaged.

And, as another poster pointed out - the delivery teams are charged with bringing merchandise into a customers home, and assembling it for them - they are clueless to anything beyond that, there is a reason Bob's has service technicians, and does not send out delivery teams to inspect or service merchandise. It is not Bob's fault that you were too cheap to pay for a delivery fee, if you did not want to make a trip to return merchandise, by the way.


Im sorry for your problems. Ive worked at bob's and other furniture stores and the fact is alot of the furniture has a distressed look to it.

Just dont ask the delivery teams, they dont know anything most of the time.

Btw i deliver for bob's and you sound like a customer i heard about from taunton mass. There is nothing wrong with the furniture you ordered its supposed to look that way.

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