We bought two rooms of furniture from Bob's in Manchester, New Hampshire four weeks ago. We purchased a living room set, tables, and a complete bedroom set with mattress and box spring.

At the time of purchase everything was in stock except the sofa of which would be in before our delivery date. When the truck pulled up and unloaded a couple of items, it was at that point when we were first informed that they did not have out mattress. They said it was never shipped from the factory and the reason was unknown. All the furniture was set up and looked great.

The bedroom set had a broken drawer under he bed as well as the mirror on the mans dresser had fallen off as it wasn't glued properly. The delivery person called customer service to inform them of what was damaged and about the issue with the mattress. I spoke with customer service about the issue and how this has really caused a problem with no bed to sleep on. All they would say was that they can schedule us for another delivery.

And when I told her that it was very inconvenient as now we would have to take a day off from from work, all she would say is that I am sorry there is nothing I can do. We told her that we would only be there in the morning as it is the only time we can be there and her response was and I quote "All I can do is put in a request for a morning delivery, I cannot promise it to you". Some customer service that is!! Not only are we inconvenienced once, but now twice.

We then called the Manchester store and spoke to two store managers and got absolutely no where. Bob's furniture has no customer service. All they want is to take your money and run. We are now going to go to the store and demand our money back so that we can go and buy a mattress from someone who can deliver.

I will never shop at Bob's furniture again!!!!

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