Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

THE QUANTUM II SECTIONAL IS COLORED WITH PAINT, NOT DYE OR STAIN!!! We purchased the Quantum II sectional from Bob's 18 months ago.

A little over 1 year after purchase we noticed small discolored spots developing on the seats. Now they have become large reddish spots. We had a service guy from Bob's come out. He said the paint was coming off!!

Really?? He quickly got his supervisor on the phone with us then pretty much ran out the door... The supervisor told us since our warranty had expired, we were SOL. We were NEVER told by the salesman at Bob's that the color was paint.

QUESTION FOR BOBS... DO you really expect your customers to spend over $4,000 every year to replace the cheap *** you are calling furniture? Wouldn't it be better to stop being dishonest and deceitful by having your sales force tell the potential client that the furniture is painted, then let the customer decide if they can afford to buy a new set every year?

To anyone thinking of buying from BOB's, do yourself a favor, spend the extra money on quality furniture from a reputable company, you will save $ in the long run.... My next stop is the BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Thanks for the reviews......Screw Bob's


We bought our couch from Bob's Furniture in Westbury long island 2 years ago and the same thing happened to us. We also purchased Goof Proof for an additional $99.

that is suppose to cover us for 5 years and is useless. They did say that if my dog ripped the couch up then I would be covered.

Make sense, of course not.

How simply pathetic. Nice job Bob!!!!!


thank you for the reviews, I was ready to purchase the quantum 11, but after what I just read I am staying away with 20 foot poke, your reviews have helped me a whole lot


BBB does nothing. I have had the same problem.

I just sent a complaint to my local news maybe just maybe they may put our complaints out there if there arr enough to complain. I feel your pain!


Wow we must have bought the same furniture. The leather is faded and the inside of the cushions are ripped.

They came in and spray painted it but didn't do anything about the rips. The Goof Proof is a joke and I still have the furniture going on three years. This is a nightmare but who can afford to get a new one. I paid over $2500 for it.

What a shame that they get away with it. Never will I buy furniture from them again.


I'm having a similar problem with Bob's Quantum II. After spending just over $3,000 they told me there was nothing they could do because it's been over a year.

I had a technician here to look at the motor on a reclining piece and showed him scratches in the couch. In addition, showed him areas of the couch that are turning orange. He explained how he would repair the scratches and I questioned the method of repairing top grain leather and he explained that it is bonded leather, not top grain. He explained that that is also why parts of the couch are turning orange.

I made 3-4 trips to the store before purchasing between measuring my living room and learning about bonded leather and top grain. I specifically made it clear to the salesman that I did not want bonded leather and he showed me this set which was much more expensive but was made of "top grain leather". I paid a lot more to avoid bonded and according to the technician(that has been servicing furniture for many, many years for Bob's and other furniture stores), bonded leather is exactly what I got! The manager made a comment after I confronted him with my issue, saying that the technician doesn't know what kind of leather they use on their couches.

I'm sorry but after doing this for so many years, the man has got to know his leather. Not for nothing, all furniture repairmen need to know what materials they are working with so they know how to repair. I am reporting this to the BBB and getting the word out wherever I can so others don't spend their hard earned money on disposable furniture like I did only to be left with furniture that is looking horrible in a year and a half! As far as I am concerned, this is not a warranty issue.

They outright sold me a sectional stating it was made out of something it wasn't. The salesman even confirmed, when shopping, that bonded turns orange, top grain does not and that is exactly what is happening to my sectional.


I bought a leather sofa & love seat from bobs 11/2 years after the purchase the leather started to peel this was one of there best sets on the floor. When I went to buy this set I was worried because I heard of leather doing this the salesmen assured me it was real leather and I would not have a problem but he said buy the goof proof insurance and if ANYTHING GOES WRONG they would cover it long and behold its starting to peel I called goof proof they told me its not covered because it was not cause by an accident I asked were that was in writing they told me to open the box with the cleaner they give me and its in there $2500 down the drain DO NOT BUY FROM BOBS THEY SELL CHEAP ***!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Cares

Wow. This doesn't sound right to me.

Please send me your order info at and I'll be in touch. - Eric.