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I purchased the Maggie furniture set from BOBS it's the worst mistake I ever made. I have had to have the set changed 3 times in about 6 weeks.

They used cheap wood for the arm rest it's hollow on the inside. It is a natural thing when you are trying to get up, you put your hand on the arm rest for support we did that and it cracked even with the new one they bought each time. Don't buy that set!! It's cheap wood!!

If we want something else we have to put more money. Bobs is the worst!!!.

They will not get another sale form me I can tell you that much. I rather put some extra money and go to another company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

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I agree I have the Maggie springs are sticking through and that’s all they want to replace ..but they said the brokem arms are not manufacture issue. No one has jumped on the arms it’s made out of cheap hollow crap!

How can arm rest break from just Leaning in them. I will never spend another penny at that scan of a store


Had the same problem with the Maggie couch, back pillows started to rip, springs started moving all over the place. Luckily we had the goof proof, they sent a tech, saw that it was clearly a manufacturer defect and they agreeed to give us a full refund in store credit to pick out a new set.

We have a few other things from Bobs and they've held up pretty well, but the Maggie sofa was absolute garbage.


Oh my God!!! I thought it was my kids just being rough with the pillows but this set is absolute garbage.

It cracks if you lean on it and the pillows are just..... Forget about it! Anyway the Bob's in Freehold was cool about it and agreed to replace it with the improved Maggie 2 at no cost. Thank God because it was really upsetting to have a couch set that couldn't really be used.

My advice is to just call and explain...Worked for us. Best of luck.


I got the Maggie 2 and the center cushion had springs in the middle which started to poke threw its casing which had foam and memory foam around it definitely the worse sofa I ever bought


Everything you said is so true. I too bought the Maggie, and while is looked nice it is made horribly.

The cushions become lumpy with in months. After days of complaining they agreed to send me replacement cushions. Now a couple of months later the same thing is happening. I can't even sit on the couch now it is so bad.

The arms of the sofa dent in when you lean on the, it's just terrible.

It's true Bob's has a nice show room and free ice cream ( ohhhhh) but their furniture is not made well and every person I know who has purchased from them has said the same thing. Buyer beware.

@Money Not well spent

I have the exact same problem. I am looking to find replacement cushions ( NOT FROM BOBS!) Know of any place online to buy any?


great. just bought the Maggie sofa and love seat.

Didn't see all the negative reviews until afterwards. Oh brother :cry


What did you expect from a company called Bob's "DISCOUNT" Furniture? They sell nothing but overpriced trash, and that's saying something considering how dirt cheap their prices are.

Believe me when I say that almost none of the furniture they sell lasts an entire year without some type of major damage or mechanical malfunction due to how cheaply they're made. The weak, lightweight frames are mostly made out of particle board and pressed wood and are poorly put together.

The foam rubber and Dacron used in the seating cushions and pillows are of extremely poor quality and usually go flat in under a year of regular use. The fabrics used are also cheap and begin to fade, fray, and/or tear within a relatively short period of time with only regular use.


It's amazing. I live in Portland, Me and have shopped at the Bob's near the Maine Mall and I ahve had little to no problems.

I ahve had my Bob-o-Pedic bedding set for 6 years, still as firm as they day I bought it. I bought a Baron Dual Console Loveseat and Sofa and besides normal flattening of the cushion from 5 years of constant, daily use and when I broke the reclinging mechanism when moving (Which they replaced and I had to pay $35 for the part, which is understandable as I broke it out of stupidity). Yes, they are hard to get a hold of, but calling a call center at any corporate office is in the same boat. 20 people to answer thousands of calls.

Phone witchboard is a little confusing as well, but what can you say? Did buy a few things in their Pit center that were a littel damaged and did not know about some of it when I purchased, and with No returns I figured what the ***. I'm perfectly capable of fixing a broken bed frame.

You do get what you pay for, but you also need to take care of your purchased goods. I baby my furniture and that is why it will last another couple years.

@Why complain when life can be

....And just exactly how long have you been an employee of Bob's Discount Furniture?? Nice try.

But anyone with a brain can see this was written by a Bob's employee. LOL. I'm writing this as a spring from the couch cushion on my "Maggie" sofa, which is less than a year old, is poking through and almost cutting into my ***. This furniture is garbage, worst mistake I ever made.

And the customer service is atrocious.

They do everything in their power to NOT help you, and play games with you until you have a lawyer send them a letter... THEN they want to talk to and help you.


Same thing happened to us. We have the maggie sofa and the chair which cost more than the sofa and in less than two years the springs are poking through and we have to buy new furniture.

It's really a shame that they sell you this inferior product and than you are on your own.

Even my dog won't sit on the furniture now. Never again will I buy from Bob's .

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