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ONLINE ORDERING -- DON'T DO IT!!! Is all I can say.

Twice I ordered furniture only to have it canceled. The second time it was canceled, it was less than 24 hours prior to delivery. I had all the furniture removed from my 80 year old mother's house in preparation for the delivery. All they could say is, "Sorry but we can get you something else to be delivered in 3 WEEKS"...

SO my 80 year old mother is supposed to sit on the floor until then...

"Well it's only 3 weeks", they say!!! "That's the best we can do, it's our policy". Well guess what Bob to *** with your policy!!! No sense in me confirming the delivery 3 separate times only to be told there are no more in stock or it's damaged at the warehouse!

You're a furniture store! You can't find another sofa in your massive warehouse to send her!

I didn't care about the color or style, nothing but OH Well, but order online again and wait another 3 weeks... I guess the 3rd time is supposed to be a CHARM! Not in this case.

I'd be an idiot to do it again!

Bye BOB's. Never doing business again, and I will make sure everyone I come in contact with fully understands the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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