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Well, Bob's sure made a big advertising splash into the Chicago market. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place at all costs.

What they seem to offer is tolerably priced furniture, but our experience with the delivery and their customer service means you should run, run away. We purchased a $399 chair which seemed fairly priced and OK quality. We were promised that the day before the delivery we would get a call giving us a four hour window and that we would get a call 1 hour before the truck actually showed up. NEITHER HAPPENED.

We had to go to the web site to get the status, which said delivery would be between 1:30-3:00. We purchased this for our brother and, since he has purchased few pieces of new furniture and is somewhat elderly, I wanted to be there to inspect the piece. We were told by the salesperson to reject the delivery if any single thing was wrong with it since getting any satisfaction after delivery was nothing but a hassle. THE SALESMAN BADMOUTHED HIS OWN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

SO, I waited until 3:30 to call and find out where the delivery was. The first person I got pretty much dismissed my request by saying, "Well, they probably got delayed." I was not about to be dismissed with that kind of response, and they she said, "Did you check with our web site?" Of course I had. I told her I had and that the web site's most current info still said between 1:30-3:00. I asked to talk to the store manager, and she said, "He can't give you any better answer." So I asked to speak with someone who could give me the information and she put me on hold for over 8 minutes.

Amy, who identified herself as "one of the managers around here" was equally impotent. I had to get angry, especially since when she answered the phone, she said things that made me think I would have to start the whole story all over again. Turns out she had most of the info, but was just going through a routine. After more posturing on my part, she finally put me on hold and came back saying, "You are #14 on the delivery route [as if that had any meaning to me].

They are still in Westmont [which, again, told me nothing]" Bottom line is, the guys did not show up until 4:30, I had to get angry to get anyone to get off their behind and try and get me a better answer, and there was NO APOLOGY OR OFFER OF ACCOMODATION for my time and inconvenience. I had spent three hours waiting at his house. And guess what, THE TRUCK SHOWED UP AND NO ONE HAD CALLED TO TELL MY BROTHER IN LAW THAT THEY WERE ALMOST THERE IN SPITE OF AMY'S PROMISE OF OUR GETTING A CALL.

So, from my perspective, here is what you get from Bob's: LOTS OF PROMISED, OK, BUT CHEAP FURNITURE AND NOT ONE OUNCE OF SERVICE. Hope they fail in Chicago.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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RM from Woodridge

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