Secaucus, New Jersey

I purchased a love seat at Bobs and 2 years later before the 5 year mark the spring fell out. I called goof proof.

They said it was covered they sent a technician out he unassembled a part that was not broken put it back together and said he could not fix it. The item would have to be replaced. I was told to wait for the report to be submitted. I called back 4 times 4 days later before someone said they got the report and that the technician said it needed to be replaced.

I was then told I didn't pay the correct price for the goof proof that the sales person made a mistake and I wasn't charged enough to call and complain to the store manager. I went to the store and complained and I was told that unfortunately I wasn't covered anyway because they don't cover springs that is considered normal wear and tear they only cover accidental. What a bunch of BS. First they say yes then they said no the sales person did not write up the correct policy then take it out of his commission I'm sure my set was enough to give him a good commission.

They said they can only give me my goof proof money back they don't normally do that but they will. Another bunch of BS I am sure they do that a lot. They scam you into buying it then they don't want to cover anything. I will never ever purchase anything from Bobs again and I intend on letting everyone know that they're customer service stinks.

They don't care once you pay and give them a commission they don't even know your name. A bunch of BS. I am the third person at my job that has gotten scammed with that Goof Proof.

People stay away from Bobs Discount Furniture. You get what you pay for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bobs Discount Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I had all good things to say about Bobs Furniture. They stood behind my recliner after 3 years


If you get what you pay for then what is the problem. You feel you deserve to get more then what you pay for?

Must be awesome living in your world. In mine I seem to only get what I pay for.

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