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In September 2001, after saving for almost 2-years for bedroom furniture for our young boys, we went to Bob's Furniture in East Lyme CT. We had a wonderful sales woman and we easily spent 4-hours with her deciding on what we wanted/what we could afford and finally, after spending the better part of a Saturday in this store...we pulled the trigger…ordering just under 3k in furniture/mattresses etc. Our order was literally a complete room of furniture for 2-boys. Beds, dressers, nightstands etc. Our kids were in love with what we/they had selected!!

We confirmed all items were in stock, paid cash for the entire bill and worked out a delivery date about 3-weeks away as we needed to get the baby furniture out of the room where the new furniture would go. A family friend who wanted the furniture from out of state needed to make arrangements to rent a truck and come by and pick it up. On the day before our friend was coming to pick up the baby furniture (2-weeks after we had purchased the furniture at Bob's), my wife and I got a check from her parents to buy ourselves bedroom furniture. We had moved into a new house 5-years ago but couldn't afford anything but a mattress and some cheap tables. We were so happy with our sales lady at Bobs, we thought we would go back there and buy a bedroom set that my wife had really liked. No problems yet.

While in the store and ready to buy the additional room of master bedroom furniture, our kids starting jumping on the bedroom set we had bought them as we waited for our sales girl to finish up with another customer. When she finally came over, we told her we were there to buy another room of furniture from her but; a question had come up regarding something that we may have needed to buy for the kids room and as we didn't have the receipt, could she bring it up on the computer. She gladly generated a document with what we ordered but; when she came back over to us, she said there were some problems.

She said "the majority of the furniture was not in stock". We were flabbergasted as we were expecting a room full of furniture to be delivered the following Friday and our furniture was to be taken the very next day. She said only a mattress and night stand were going to be delivered on the date agreed to. She called the Store Manager over and he reviewed the printout, asked me to wait a minute and made a call to his warehouse. It turns out they didn't have the furniture to sell in the first place and that pieces would be coming in from the expected delivery date until end of November/beginning of December. The Store Manager couldn't confirm with me what day in December we would have the full room of furniture. He was a deer in headlights and side-stepped each and every question I asked him. We had no choice but to take a refund of what we paid them and now, we had wasted the better part of 2-Saturday afternoons in this store except this time, we didn't leave with happy, smiling children, we left with hysterically crying children. My wife's first call when we got in the car was to our family friend to say that they couldn't come and pick-up the furniture the next day because; our kids needed it until we could buy new furniture. She had rented a truck, got her husband and brother to donate their day to driving to our house and carting it away.

I called Bob's Furniture Customer Service the following Monday. I explained what happened to a rep and she said she was sorry to hear that but; this was not the first time she had heard it and there was nothing she could do. She proceeded to tell me how Bob's has boats/containers with furniture coming in constantly but; because things were coming in from out of the country, they couldn't offer any guarantees on when items would be delivered that were not already in stock. I told her when we bought the entire room full of furniture, they were in stock. I asked her why no one called us to tell us that our order was not complete and she said and I quote, "you should have gotten a call today, when our warehouse figured out your order would be incomplete". To this point, I had tried to keep a cool head but; their overall lack of professionalism got me upset. I asked the rep at this point to transfer me to elevated Customer Services complaints. The next woman was equally rude and insenseative to our situation. She offered to provide us with a $100 gift certificate to Bob's. My response to this offer was, "do you think we will ever shop in your stores again" to which she said," I guess you don't want the gift certificate then". At this point, I asked that considering the dishonesty, unprofessionalism, waste of our time and the money our friend spent on the truck (we offered to reimburse our friend), I wanted Bob to call me personally and simply apologize for the whole situation. Considering he is always on television and presents himself as someone that is down to earth and easily accessible, I didn't think this was that far out a request. It wasn't like I was asking for the President of a Fortune 500 company to call and apologize.

I gave it a until today,12/01/2011, for them to contact me with apology. Even if Bob was too busy to call himself, they could have made some type of effort to apologize with a box of chocolate and a note, toys for the crying kids or maybe dinner for two at a local restaurant…some conciliatory gesture to acknowledge what they put us through. I did expect them to do something in the last 3-months time….WRONG…I've never heard from them by phone or mail. Even in my most heated moments on the phone with customer service, I treated them with respect they deserved. They could have cared less. The following Tuesday, we went to Raymour & Flanagan. I had never really liked there furniture before but; for about the same price as Bob's, we were able to buy American and got solid furniture…MUCH MUCH better than what we found at Bob's.

I will never buy from Bob's Furniture again. I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy from them. Though there prices may save you a few bucks (in some cases), how can you buy from a company that lies to your face that product is in stock to close a deal when it really isn't, makes no attempt to tell you that BEFORE delivery that only pieces of what you're buying will be delivered, delivery will be scattered over many months and then offers Customer Service so lacking you're made to feel the mistakes that were made were not their fault, they were ours. FYI – Raymour & Flanagan delivered what we bought 5-days after purchase. They would have delivered in 3-days but we needed to reschedule the pick-up of the kids baby furniture so pushed delivery out an extra 2-days. Everything was delivered as promised, partially put together and there installers were fast, efficient and friendly getting it setup.

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Bob Cares


I'd like to apologize on behalf of Bob's Discount Furniture for the experience you and your family were put through. We certainly do not want this happening to future customers.

If you would like to contact me at with your order information I would love to look into this for you. Thanks, Eric

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