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My wife and I purchased a sofa, love seat and recliner in August and it was delivered the next day. FABULOUS! BUT when we sat on the sofa or love seat our knees came four inches in front of the seat cushions. There was too little room from the back cushions to the edge of the seat cushions. Very uncomfortable.

We went back to Bob's that evening and spoke to our salesman (a very nice and capable gentleman) who helped us pick out new furniture and handle the paperwork. Because the new selection was a few dollars less I was to receive a credit to my account. I was also told that I would have to pay the delivery charge ($129.95) again. This did not seem fair, but I needed to get the new furniture. The new furniture was delivered in a few days and the previous purchase was picked up. By the way, we did NOT purchase the service contract. That is a total waste of money and a HUGE profit for Mr. Kaufman.

Here comes the bad news.

Month after month I never received my credit.

Email after email I never received my credit. (I sent emails every other day for two weeks without ANY response. I notice that other complaints show a response from Bob's that says "I'm sure we can get this straigtened out for you. Would you please drop me a line at Bobcares@mybobs.com ? Thanks, Eric". I think Eric must have quit from the workload.)

Phone call after phone call I never received my credit.

Store visit after store visit I never received my credit.

Then I asked the store for someone at corporate to call. I received the first name and phone number of the District Manager, but she never returned my numerous calls.

Then I went into the store to get the name and the phone number of the District Manager's supervisor ( a VP). After calling him and leaving a message (he never called me back...surprise...surprise!) I received an apologetic call from the District Manager saying I would receive a call from the Store Manager to handle my complaint. I explained my saga to her and said I now wanted a refund of the additional delivery charge. She assured me that everything would be solved.

After more calls and visits to the store, I finally received my credit and a check for the additional delivery charge.

WOW........it only took seven months, dozens of emails, store visits and phone calls to get what should have been a normal handling of this issue back in August.

I am amazed at the dates of these other issues. They are ALL very recent.


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Bob Cares

Hey it's me Eric. I'm still here, and I'd like to take a further look into what happened with your account. If you'd contact me at Bobcares@mybobs.com I'll be in touch shortly...Thanks, Eric

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